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  1. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's CURRENT Commissions [Open]

    Heyo guys! I think I finally settled on prices I'm good with for now. My commissions are only SFW!! Anything NSFW will only be coming out in the forms of YCH auctions on separate mature websites to keep minors from it. Please read through the following terms and only then commission me. Check...
  2. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's Art

    Thought I'd start posting here again!! Just a few drawings from the last week c: Will update as I draw more This one has sound and is a SWF file so I can't bring it over here. and this most recent one isn't NSFW but it is suggestive so??
  3. euthanizedCanine

    What do YOU think should be in a reference sheet?

    Plain and simple. I'm redoing my reference sheet now for my fursona, and I'm kinda wondering... is all of this necessary? Do I add the likes/dislikes? Should I add his different expressions (angry/ashamed/sad/excited/etc) or is it overdoing it? So why not ask the forums! What do YOU think is...
  4. euthanizedCanine


    ...darkness my old friend. I never thought I would make a Furaffinity account, and once I finally did, not a few days go by and the site goes through some harsh event. Thus, I became motivated to make an account here. Yyyello!! I'm usually tired, probably all the time. I'm a scrub. I play bad...
  5. euthanizedCanine

    PMV Commission Starting at $5

    Hello! I'm euthanizedCanine, but you can call me EC for short. I'll be opening up a slot for a PMV commission. You might be wondering, well what the heck is that? PMV stands for Picture Music Video These are two examples of what I can do. Here is my deviantart too if you're more comfortable...