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  1. Vector Rain

    Request: Feel like arting up a new shark I made?

    Been wanting a shark character for some time. I lack the skills to draw myself, but been getting used to making textures in Second life. So went ahead and made this one, quite pleased on how it looks. Name would be Riko Natiri. Though wondering how other people would see her, which is why I...
  2. Vector Rain

    Taking Requests for practice.

    Closed for now. Check back if I finished them. I am now taking requests again. Now before you ask for one. Please note that I am still learning. I would like to take requests again to learn more. If you want one. Please include a good reference or a solid detailed description of your request...
  3. Vector Rain

    Taking requests

    Hello there. First off, these will be practice pieces. Keep in mind, I am only used to canines. But if your design for a different species is interesting enough, I will try my best to get them as close as I can. With that out of the way, Feel free to post any refs I can work on. These will be...
  4. Vector Rain

    Would anyone like do this?

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone could do a piece of art of my fursona Vector Rain. I would like him doing some sort of sword play, in more of practicing with his sword. Refs; 1. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11238843/ 2. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11303321/ 3...
  5. Vector Rain


    Well hello! I been around the forums for about a month, forgot to say hello. :p Well, my name is Vector Rain. I'm 22 years old. Live in Arizona. My fursona is a wolf. I have been lurkin in the fandom for several years. Never really contributed any art until recently, as i'm learning to draw...