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  1. versive-wolf

    Looking for casual romantic roleplay

    Title says it all, girls are preferred but all may apply. I love giving and receiving compliments and trying to create a warm environment between us in general. If you would like to see if we'd be a good match just post your discord please ^^
  2. versive-wolf

    LF Fantasy/Tribal Roleplay

    Hi there! I'm looking for a roleplay partner :3 I'm fine with SFW but I'm looking for NSFW mostly~ I also have a lot of fetishes so dont be afraid to ask! ^^ just send a PM if you're interested. either gender
  3. versive-wolf

    Commissioning artist to draw new ref sheet

    Heya! I'm looking for an artist to draw a 2 pose full color ref sheet for a my new canine sona, this is the first time I'm having him drawn but I have a color sheet and a short description to help. Please post your work, and I'll DM you if I'm interested. Budget is $50-80