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  1. Angelcakes

    Worst Year EVER: How the Furries fought the Nazis and WON.

    So 'Worst Year Ever' is a podcast done by Robert Evans (who also does 'Behind the Bastards'). This specific show has to do with life running up to the 2020 election. Back in January, they did a two part series about the furry community, and specifically how it reacted to the infiltration of the...
  2. Angelcakes

    So "Full Front w/ Samanta Bee" did a segment on the furry community...

    ....and it turned out to be REALLY positive. They even brought up the whole thing with the Furry Raiders, and were quite impressed with how the fandom handled it (even saying that furries should be running our government).
  3. Angelcakes

    Main Site We need to talk about the troll(s).

    I understand that FA is staffed by a group of volunteers, and I appreciate the work that they do. But we REALLY need to discuss the current conduct and exploitation of a handful of trolls. I do not want to name names here (because I think it would be inappropriate to do so publicly and would...
  4. Angelcakes

    Um, wow....Whittaker be thicc, yo.

    This is an animation test by Sam Fennah. Fennah is the writer/director/animator/star of Satellite City. He's got several characters like this, and the series is freaking AMAZING.
  5. Angelcakes

    Chili peppers and spicy food.

    Since there's a bunch of other threads about favorite vegetables, fruits, etc. I thought it would be nice to make a thread especially about spicy food and their primary purveyor, chili peppers. I love spicy food, but I don't eat for spice alone. I don't really go for all of those spicy eating...
  6. Angelcakes

    Before CSI, before MTV, and before all of the magazine articles....

    .....There was The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart. So a bit of backstory: Back around the turn of the millennium, when Jon Stewart was in his early tenure as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, they did a segment on the LGBT Sci-fi convention Gaylaxicon in the year 2000. Featuring Steve...