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  1. TheCoyoteQueen

    Streamlabs OBS, streaming help?

    I feel like I have posted this same exact post a year ago XD I am having trouble with streamlabs obs after I had to uninstall and redownload. I can't figure out the correct numbers to stream without severe lag in my paint tool sai or severe lag on the stream. I have tried googling the answer...
  2. TheCoyoteQueen

    Secret Santa- Art Exchange? Any Going On?

    Is there anything like that going on anthro/furry or feral art? I really wanted to enter one this year since its been since 2009 since I participated in a Secret Santa on DA. Any links would be wonderful. I am probably too late anyway. Or is there an event similar but I only give art instead...
  3. TheCoyoteQueen

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions by Darkwiitch $15+ Anthro&Feral, semi-realism 1 slot open

    Darkwiitch Commissions! 2020 Prices Updated •✘•☾•✘• Commission Prices&TOS page My FurAffinity Page -Commission Prices & Information- --- Headshot- neck up Bust- chest up Half Body- waist up ¾ Body- knees up Full Body- feet up --- NSFW or SFW welcome. I will Draw- Animals, anthro and feral, most...
  4. TheCoyoteQueen

    (Commission) Selling: Ychs! Canine, Feline, Dragons and More $20+

    Thread Dedicated To My YCHs! Witchy YCH Here- fa Male Pinup YCHs - Both OPEN FA Link Big Cat YCHs- All Open Fa Link Loss Ych- Full render with rain bkg fa link F-Off YCH- Open fa link- NSFW- Wolf Bust YCH- Full Render OPEN fa link Blood Moon Canine YCH- OPEN fa link...
  5. TheCoyoteQueen

    Main Site Gallery Folder, help!

    Hey there! This is probably a silly question but here it goes How do I assign submissions to a folder? I have tried going to manage folders, created the folders and went to manage submissions but the folders are not appearing on the drop down list? My gallery is a bit of mess and I just want to...
  6. TheCoyoteQueen

    Lenovo Idea pad 320 Help!

    I am in panic mode right now. I left my laptop(in its protective case) in the car while we were attending the parade this morning. It really wasn't that hot but now the flicking thing won't turn on! I really hope it's just my charger and not the actual laptop. Today was supposed to be a fun day...
  7. TheCoyoteQueen

    (Commission) Selling: Smol Bean YCHs $20-25 + Other YCHs

    Smol Bean YCH $20- flat color $25- shaded PayPal only any feline, any canine, dragons, vernids, hyenas! if I haven't listed a species just ask! you chose the color of the ball/sphere will make edits for accessories, hair, horns, ears, tail and wings! Taking 2-3 slots at this time Finished...
  8. TheCoyoteQueen

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Smol Beans By Darkwiitch $20-25each

    Smol Beans YCHs Price Reduced! PayPal only $20, flat color(2 for $35) $25, shaded(2 for $45) Choose between any Feline, Hyena, Vernid or Fox/Coy/Wolf I will make edits! major edits will cost extra! like wings or expression changes. The ball will be shaded and is optional to have. You may...
  9. TheCoyoteQueen

    LiveStream Help?

    I have my streamlabs set up and synced with my Picarto by following the web instructions proved but my livestream isn't moving on Picarto? I guess that is the best I can describe it. It is only showing the image from when I first start my livestream even 15+ minutes later. Can someone please...
  10. TheCoyoteQueen

    Clip Studio Paint Help!

    I downloaded the 30day trial to see if it was something I wanted to buy since my sai has been acting up. What I need help with is my pen pressure! I have tried fixing the stabilizer and if anything it makes it worse.. Any ideas? The edges of the brushes are hard instead of smooth as well. Every...
  11. TheCoyoteQueen

    Stream Help?

    I want to start live streaming again but my streams are really lagged! Like more than 3-5 minutes behind. Can anyone help me figure out why or maybe suggest a new stream software? Right now I am using Streamlabs OBS and my watchers watch me thru Picarto! -Coyote
  12. TheCoyoteQueen

    I need Help with filters and textures!

    Hello fellow Artists! I am trying to learn how to use filters and add textures to my artwork. I use PaintTool Sai and Photoshop Elements 6. I need basic to expert instructions. I am a fast learner I just want to take this next step in improving my art style! -Coyote
  13. TheCoyoteQueen

    Sketches- anthro&feral all species

    So here is the deal! I need examples for my new 2019 commission page! I love to sketch and to create sketchy render art! These will be worked on in between my current commissions as a sort of break/ something different but they will not take priority over my commissions. My Art please follow...
  14. TheCoyoteQueen

    Sketchy Render Commissions $8+

    trying out something new to add to my commission options! I love to sketch and it is my favorite part of my art process! Also, my regular commission prices are going to go up after January 1st and are going thru a reboot! I only accept PayPal. Note me here or on FA(darkwiitch) Sketch- no...
  15. TheCoyoteQueen

    Emergency Commissions! Feral/Anthro

    About My Emergency (journal with information) As most of my Watchers(darkwiitch on FA and queencoyote91 on DA) have heard I was in a car accident last Friday! We lost our car and are still waiting on the other persons insurance company to cover the cost of a rental until our car is fixed, if it...
  16. TheCoyoteQueen

    Anthro and Feral, sfw&nsfw-Commissions by Coyote

    -QueenCoyote - --- -Commission Prices & Information- --- +Sketches+ Headshot/Bust- $7 +$3 color Full Body- $15 +$5 color *additional character $5-8 +Flat Color+ Headshot/Bust- $15 +$3 shading Half Body- $20 +$5 shading Full Body- $30 +$10 shading *additional character $10- 20 Headshot- neck up...