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  1. Phoenixwildfire

    LF partner for NSFW RP (TF/TG)

    So I'm looking for an RP to be used with either my characters, Harpalotti or Gaia. Gaia tends to be rather dominant (and wild), while Harpalotti is submissive (but teasing). I usually play females, but as these are unicorns, they can use their magic to shift genders if wanted. They can also...
  2. Phoenixwildfire

    Distinctive Fabrics changing their quality?!

    So, I buy my luxury shag fur from Distinctive Fabrics. No big deal right? Everyone does it. I usually use about 1 yard of light pink luxury shag every month or two for stuffed animals. So I buy a lot of it. I've gotten it from them for nearly three years now, and have never had a problem...
  3. Phoenixwildfire

    conbadge trading- yours for mine

    this is a FREE conbadge trading thread- it's not just for me, it's for everyone's enjoyment :) Anything can be traded for a conbadge, but here it's prefered conbadge for a conbadge. I'll start by offering a conbadge to someone in exchange for a conbadge of Toran-...
  4. Phoenixwildfire

    emotion critique

    alright, so this picture isn't really the critique for the sake of its quality, as for the emotion it gives people. This is supposed to be regret, and guilt. If it doesn't say 'regret and guilt' does anyone have any critique to how I could make the emotions better suited?
  5. Phoenixwildfire

    free headshot sketches- who wants to be drawn?

    for tonight, and perhaps tomorrow, I'm taking requests from people of headshots. I dunno if I'll get all of them done, it depends on how many I get. I've been working on commissions a lot today, and I need something to wind down -.- I mean like these: They're free- so don't be shy :P I...
  6. Phoenixwildfire

    Sleeping fursona sculpture- AUCTION!

    This is to let you all know I'm holding a one-time auction for a sleeping fursona sculpture that can be customized into anything you can think of (wolf, fox, dragon, unicorn, bird, whatever!) Anyway, the sculpture obviously isn't done yet (can't change it once it's fired) but here's the auction...
  7. Phoenixwildfire

    super cheap digitigrade stilts

    right, so I found these, and I thought I should share with others :) They're not the best quality of course, but they get the job done for a pretty descent price. Anyway, here you go! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JeJ1LimPAk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgyx8mG17f8 As for the mask for...
  8. Phoenixwildfire

    Critique my design? (Peacock man)

    I made a character design, and I was wondering what people thought of it. This is just a quick sketch, mind you- I'm just getting the basics down XD anyway, the character is Naru the Peacock XD His wings were ripped off his back- which is why he has a few brown feathers still on his shoulder...
  9. Phoenixwildfire

    Romance in the Forest requests

    My boyfriend proposed to me :p As a celebration, could artists here please draw me and him? He is a brown bear furry, with forest green eyes. He can look very intimidating, but really he's just a big teddy bear :3 I'm a black wolf furry, with red eyes. I'm not thin, but I'm not overly fat...
  10. Phoenixwildfire

    New (cheaper) sculpture commissions!

    I thought about it for a while, and I figured to start things out, I should keep my little sculpture guys cheaper XD SO. sculptures are now down from $15 to $5 O_o YES, that's $10 less. I know, I still put the same work into it, blah blah blah, I just want to make money T_T I'm trying my best...
  11. Phoenixwildfire

    custom sculpture- all profit to help FA!

    I'm holding a little sale of a small sculpture, made of sculpey clay, painted in acrylics. ALL the profit (all of the money, but the $3 shipping) WILL BE DONATED TO FA. the sculpture of course will be sent to you, and will be the same quality as if it were just a normal commission. The...
  12. Phoenixwildfire

    Magic tricks?

    There's this guy named Jeremy Wai. He's like... 15 or something. He does magic tricks. Serious magic tricks, check it out XD I have NO idea how he does them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QwqnyK6m4I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_JkqGYZmmM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3HaeVyO45A
  13. Phoenixwildfire

    Why I was not online yesterday.

    There was a MASSIVE storm through Michigan- I recorded some of it :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf8IUlP2T9s from safe inside my house, it was quite fun watching the chaos XD
  14. Phoenixwildfire

    Tried something new... (sculpture)

    So I tried something new the other day- I made my first sculpture using sculpy clay I got for christmas XD critique? thoughts? I know I need a smaller brush for detail work :x I'm still not too good at painting.
  15. Phoenixwildfire

    My Little OC sculpture commissions?

    yes, I'm making little sculpture commissions of your fursona or original characters :) They're about 2 inches tall, and are made with sculpy clay. They'll be hand painted using acrylics. please go here for the auction on furbuy- http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1005390.html Or comment here...
  16. Phoenixwildfire

    Would you get offended...

    by jewelry using real animal bones? Not gaudy horrible looking things, but Native American sold hand-reared animals who died humanely. Made to be a testament to the animal spirit that the species represents. I'm currently talking about a small fox jaw, with small feathers and leather wrapping...
  17. Phoenixwildfire

    first all digital pic

    hmmm, this is my first all digital picture :) It's my wolf, the 'spirit of summer'. Critique?
  18. Phoenixwildfire

    Toran art trades

    I have a character that I love having people draw... his name is Toran, and he's a tiger 'humanus' Here are some pictures I've already had people draw of him: drawn by cbh drawn by shiro drawn by nanness I LOVE having pictures of him done, and I'm willing to do art trades for it...
  19. Phoenixwildfire

    airbrushing patterns?

    Alright, I've got a LOT of fur on my hands, and I'm thinking of opening requests for custom tails and such. The only thing is... I don't know how to airbrush designs onto the fur. Can anyone tell me how they manage to get the patterns on there? Do you use spraypaint, or an actual airbrush...
  20. Phoenixwildfire

    The Mirror (story version)

    Althea, a normal college sophomore stumbles upon a strange mirror in an abandoned construction site. Looking into her reflection, she finds herself suddenly in a new world, where the anthro species of Humanus are at war with the Humans. Can Toran, a tiger humanus, help Althea to find her way...