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  1. Tiamat X

    What's your Zodiac?

    Not sure if this topic has been done before, more then likely it has, regardless I felt like asking. For me I'm a Taurus with Virgo rising. My Chinese sign is the Wood Ox born in the hour of the Sheep/Goat. God I'm such an Astrology nerd... To find your Rising sign click here and go to the...
  2. Tiamat X

    Accepting requests *Closed for now*

    Well you read right! I'll be accepting a limited amount of sketch & ink requests. sketches will be done alot faster then inked work so if you're the impatient type go for that option. XD I have limited time as of this moment so I can't promise that these will be finished super quick...
  3. Tiamat X

    Anybody interested in colouring?

    My back log of inked drawings is slowly growing. Sadly I don't have as much time these days to be colouring especially since colouring isn't one of my strengths it takes me forever. >.< I have the pdf files stashed away on the ole hard drive still so no worries about low resolutions and such...
  4. Tiamat X

    Critiques & General Advice

    Just wondering what you guys think of my artwork overall and what I could do to improve? I'm not saying I'm terrible but anytime I have asked for advice & helpfull tips I've never really got any. Also what am I doing right? Link to my page in my sig and thanks for your time everyone.
  5. Tiamat X

    Thought I'd drop in and say hi. *waves*

    Heya everyone, it's my first post so I thought it would be appropriate cramming it here. XD The names Tiamat X, Tia for short. Now from a name like that most of you must think my fursona would be a dragon, not the case, t'would be a Demi-fiend (human demon hybrid). I've not been in the fandom...