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  1. darkness-sprite

    Look! More Requests!

    If you're still taking requests I wouldn't mind one of my fursona ^_^ If not that's fine but just in case maybe a pic of her holding a baseball bat like she's getting ready to knock in some heads? It would be greatly appreciated. Refs:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2816052/ and...
  2. darkness-sprite

    Come one, come all.

    Wow, I love your art style ^-^ If your still taking requests would you draw my OC Gwen? Refs: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3529239/ (This is the only picture ref I have of her at the moment) Her right eye is sapphire blue and her left eye is sort of a burnt orange. If you do draw her feel...
  3. darkness-sprite


    Thanks for the welcome ^_^ And I suppose I could, couldn't I? I just haven't really thought about it much I suppose *shrug* Hiya furry-friend! XD
  4. darkness-sprite


    Thanks XD... although I just escaped another asylum *le sigh* And yes, I know it's somewhat.... contradicting lol. Having a fursona just looked like too much fun to pass up on. Hiya! Yay, an orange! Thank you! ^_^
  5. darkness-sprite


    Hiya everyone! I'm not quite so new to FA anymore but I am new to the forums so thought I would just say hello. A little bit about me if anyone's interested: I don't really consider myself a "furry" but I do have a fursona (Artic Fox/Hare); I love to draw (although I think I'm better at...