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  1. Sernion

    First attempt.. Critiques/guides please?

    I think I've hit a point where I want to add more details to my drawing but doing so makes it more messy rather than looking better. :/ I tried to reference mainly from this picture and many other artworks to get tips and glimpse of how they expressed real things into a drawing. Any...
  2. Sernion

    Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0

    So.. I've went to theatre with my brother yesterday to watch Rebuild of Evangelion : You can (not) advance. And it was really amazing. The first one was somewhat boring because most of the plots and scenes were taken from the TV series and it was pretty much predictable. But unlike the first...
  3. Sernion

    Anthro fiction novels. Any suggestions?

    Since I'm going to be away from home in a couple of months, I've decided to bring some books to read when I leave. I tried to search for some in WikiFur, but I thought it would be much safer to take suggestions from the forum. So far the only title I know is Watership Down by Richard Adams...
  4. Sernion

    Now playing flashgame..

    Choose a flashgame you want to suggest to others and post a link to it. I'll go first. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Ivory/6-differences A simple spot-the-difference game. With a twist of animation. http://www.nekogames.jp/mt/2007/05/post_16.html Find a star, and you win the stage. Simple...
  5. Sernion

    Different kinds of guidelines?

    While looking at some of the unfinished artworks of other artists, I've noticed that they use many different kinds of guidelines for the anatomy. Some using the stickfigure with a circle on every joints, some using shapes to help them with the picture and so on. What guidelines should I use...
  6. Sernion

    Starting with a mouse rather than a pencil?

    I know probably learning with a pencil is a lot better than learning with an art software, but how big is the disadvantage for learning with computer? Seeing that I probably held a mouse longer than a pencil in my lifetime, I thought I'd give it a try. Also, are there a lot of people who've...
  7. Sernion

    Yet another sexuality thread?

    Whenever a game asks you to choose or make a character, which gender do you generally choose? Sorry if this topic was taken, just curious..
  8. Sernion

    Subbed? Or Dubbed?

    I used to find subbed ones are always better than the dubbed ones. But when I watched both subbed and dubbed version of Spirited Away, I couldn't say which one is inferior to the other. So, when watching a movie or anime (or even video games) in different language, which do you prefer...
  9. Sernion

    Which part of anthro anatomy do you like the most?

    Whenever you look at the arts, which part interests or catches your eyes the most? For me, I've got a soft spot for canine's muzzles. What about you? Do you have any specific part that interests you?
  10. Sernion

    Not the face!

    I've bought this book and have been practicing for about two or three weeks. While playing FF7 I looked at Red XIII and thought to myself, "Hey, his body looks quiet similar to what I've been drawing. Why not give it a try?" So I've started drawing him. The body proportion looked okay, anklet...
  11. Sernion

    Were you furry Before even knowing what furry is?

    Were you furry even when you didn't have any idea what a furry fandom is? Or did you decide to become a furry after knowing the furry community? Sorry if this topic has been already used.
  12. Sernion

    Reverse of thoughts

    A random idea that popped in my head on my way home. Becoming an Anthropomorphic animal is the general idea of a furry right? If one day, you wake up in your bed and everyone except you are Anthropomorphic animals, how would you respond? -You may state the reaction of the people on you...
  13. Sernion

    Is there active furry guild in guildwars?

    I searched and tried messaging the officer in the guild but I couldn't get in contact with him. is there a guild that is still active? My IGN is Ranger Sernion. I have a guild right now but every time I log in I'm the only one who's online :(
  14. Sernion

    Going to take my first step

    For the last few days I've been collecting some tutorials for beginners. And when I saw the sticky of Arshes Nei, If you don't think you'll ever be good as an artist - Message of Inspiration, I've made up my mind and ran off to bookstore to get my sketching materials. (Thank you Arshes Nei) :)...
  15. Sernion

    Hi, I'm very new to this genre

    I'm a college freshman taking up HRM major. I've found out about this genre about less than a week. I've had this dream of a "Furry" for a quiet long time now but I've never imagined there would be a specific genre and community built for this. I want to start drawing some furry arts but my...