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  1. reigoskeiter

    Stuff you have learned from video games.

    Hey! Games arent just for playing, they can even be used for learning! In my experience, i was just bored and wanted something new to play, so, i satarted playing NHL09 even tho i wasnt a hockey fan. And during all the time i played it i started to understand the rules and even became a bigger...
  2. reigoskeiter

    Battlefield Heroes

    Hey gamers! Does anyone play battlefield heroes here? Ive seen furry groups in that game but not really played whit a fur, i think it would be alot of fun! Hwo doesnt know what game it is its a funny, cartoonish multiplayer shooting game that u can download and play from here...
  3. reigoskeiter

    this is better then that

    ok, its an game i thought ok it goes like this the first person says that something is better then that and the other person says is it right or not for example someone:walking is better then running someone2:no and then the next one starts an new one let me start football is better then...
  4. reigoskeiter

    whats ur mood right now?

    my mood: okay
  5. reigoskeiter

    funniest thing uve ever seen?

    whats the funniest thing uve ever seen? ok my funniest things ive seen is: strutter beavis and butthead and this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cC20LujHEU and other stupid clips xD
  6. reigoskeiter

    Estonian Werewolf :P

    ok i finally made an fursona a few details but nothing special he is like me but hes got a few other stuff that i dont 1) if he gets excited hes fur starts to get high 2)he will get extra transformation when he sees the moon 3)hes additude,mood ect. will be positive when extra...
  7. reigoskeiter

    what song u love to listen in high volume?

    ok heres my list i only pick 5 songs cuz i have a lot to listen in high volume these are the one whit the biggest effect Come Clarity - In Flames, Reflect The Storm - In Flames,Enough - Alone I Break,Track-13 - Disturbed,Enough - Disturbed those are the ones i love to listen in high volume...
  8. reigoskeiter

    need help!

    ok if i start my computer ( other one ) it will stop at the cheacking point and say disc scan failed press alt crlt delete or something to restart is there an way to recover it?
  9. reigoskeiter

    an higher volume?

    well as i listen to music and when i get in an really good mood ill listen to it in highest volume and put my headphones on for more higher volume a min or tow im allready hearing it as it is in normal volume or a little high is there an way to make the volume go even higher and higher? an...
  10. reigoskeiter

    any Latvian or Russian furs here?

    well as i know i am the only Estonian here i want to know if there are any Russian or Latvian furs here also Russia and Latvia is an neibour to Estonia :)
  11. reigoskeiter

    how close are u to estonia?

    just vote :P
  12. reigoskeiter

    has the internet helped u in ANY way?

    is there an way that the internet helped you? i mean like made ur mood better or happyier and stuff. as for me the internet made me feel a lot more better. and how? well at first when i ditint know pepole that are into stuff like i am. u know what i am talking about? stuff like paws,macro art...
  13. reigoskeiter

    wrestling and hardcore wrestling.

    ok i want to know if anyone likes wrestling or hardcore wrestling? for me i dont like that orginal boring one where u just try to tackle or anything like that i like this kind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_8b75OkAWs and i ENJOY hardcore and extreme wrestling like this...
  14. reigoskeiter

    express yourself whit music

    well there is times where ur upset or f**** up and u start to listen to music that makes u happy and clams u down. well lets talk about that kind of music here,ive had upsetions too :/ so here are my 5 examples. Abnegation - In Flames Disconnected - In Flames Easer - In Flames Sleepless Again...
  15. reigoskeiter

    do you have an fursona?

    well do you?
  16. reigoskeiter

    anyone wanna roleplay or chat in msn?

    if anyone wants to roleplay or chat whit me in msn? im boerd here and im just looking stuff to do ^^ so if anyone is interested feel free to add me :) PS.u cant blame an guy for being boerd :]
  17. reigoskeiter

    music what is sad but keeps ur mood up.

    well the titel is a little confusing so. do you know any music what is sad or a little sad but keeps ur mood up and is rock. well examples Korn - Open Up Korn - Alone I Break
  18. reigoskeiter

    wanna fight me in stick arena?

    hi this is an awesome multiplayer game no download requierd http://www.xgenstudios.com/game.php?keyword=stickarena create an accunt in that game and join the lobby then click join private then type FA FUR AFFINITY in it so there u go my user name in that game is Reigoskeiter
  19. reigoskeiter

    know any good metal or rock?

    well i know Lamb Of God,In Flames,Slipknot,Korn,Alter Bridge. and i still cant get enough! is there any more bands like that?
  20. reigoskeiter

    have u met any furs in real life?

    oh.. here is me again doing an threath anyway do u know or have met any furs in ur real life? as for me.... u know the answer.....NO