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  1. reddeath909

    disillusionment, inquiry

    Does anyone else ever feel like they don't connect with the furry fandom at all? I don't really know any other furries in real life, except for maybe two or three And I don't really socialize on forums or anything (honestly, this is like the first forum I've ever been on) Pretty much...
  2. reddeath909

    any Jazz fans out there?

    I might be a goth-punk, but I am also a jazz aficionado, and am just wondering if anyone else if a fan of jazz. I personally learned how to play the guitar through jazz music, and am hoping to join a jazz group during a period of my life. Post your fav artists, singers, instrumentalists...
  3. reddeath909

    I am of the "newish" persuasion

    As the title says, I'm 'newish' I say that because... I totally friggen forgot I had an account on the forums In the first place I never really interacted on here (mostly because I'm horribly shy) But in that case, I appear to be rambling. Hello.
  4. reddeath909

    sorta newish (not really) bored artist open for requests and/or trades

    yur, im sorta new, ive been drawing for three years but this is my first year of seriously doing art. i really need the practice as i am trying to get into an art school after i graduate, so i am open for trades and requests. theres a link to my FA page in my siggie hearts for everyone...
  5. reddeath909

    hello Clarice

    yooo, I'm new to the forums, but not new to the FA site. i have a LOT of submissions, but most of them suck. ... whats up =P ... T.T