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  1. Kiriska

    $11 "Wispy Thing" Special Commission

    Since they are fast and fun, if you guys are interested, I'll take 10 "Wispy Thing" commissions done in the style of my recent submissions: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275828 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275831 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5275836...
  2. Kiriska

    $7 Fullbody Inks

    'Lo. Offering fullbody, heavily inked drawings. The price is $7.52/character with Paypal fee included. Quad, anthro, human, whatever. One character per drawing. Any number of drawings per person. They should be done within a week, but probably less. You get a high-res scan. Shipping within the...
  3. Kiriska

    $4 icons

    Icons are flatrate at $4/each. One character per icon. You get a 300x300 and a 100x100 version. Paypal fee will be added to total. Email descriptions to kiriska at gmail. I don't like dealing with FA notes or PMs. :3 All payment is upfront, but please don't send any money until I quote you...
  4. Kiriska

    $1.34 DETAILED digital sketches!

    $2.37+ DETAILED digital sketches! Hey, guys. I'm doing $2 quad and $3 anthro digital sketches! Though yes, it'd technically be $2.37 with Paypal fee included, or if you want multiple and/or more difficult sketches/characters, add the corresponding fee. Here're some quick guidelines: - $2 and...
  5. Kiriska

    Obligitory Introduction Thread Plz

    Salutations! I'm obviously new here. And I will be perfectly honest with you; I'm mostly here looking for more/new clients to help fund my compulsive spending habits (one can apparently never have too many useless Pokemon figurines). But I'll probably be hanging around all of the art-related...
  6. Kiriska

    Varied Commissions!

    I'm open for a ton of different commissions including avatars, portraits, LJ icons, pixel icons, and conbadges! I'm proficient in drawing canines and humans mostly, but have also had experience in dragons, complex hybrids, and conceptual creatures. I don't have an FA account yet since...