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  1. Mai Tai


    Hello all, I would love some critique on my artwork. Be it good or bad, it's all cool. http://bamboo-rain.deviantart.com/
  2. Mai Tai

    Free Art!

    Free Art! -Now Closed- CLOSED You guys are awesome! I'm going to close these up now until I can get through the list. It should take me about 3 months, if not a bit longer. I promise I'll get to each and every one of you. <3 If you do not see your name on the list yet, don't worry, I have...
  3. Mai Tai

    Hullo Thar!

    Hello there! My name is Elle, though I go by the name Fyxx here on FA. :3 It's nice to meet you all and look forward to getting to know you lovely bunch. ^^