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  1. ChapperIce

    $5 for head $10 for body

    Still accepting these :)
  2. ChapperIce

    $5 for head $10 for body

    Am I allowed to bump this if it goes off the front page? I didn't see anything in the rules about not doing it but maybe i missed it?
  3. ChapperIce

    $5 for head $10 for body

    Hey y'all. After a few years off, I got back into furry again (I keep trying to leave but they keep PULLING ME BACK IN!) "What're ya sellin'?" All listings include two versions of the same picture: One with a simple or solid background (See example for the simple bg) and a transparent...
  4. ChapperIce

    Need commission examples, come get some icons and chibi things

    I need some more examples for commissions and hopefully doing some freebies for other furries will help me out here, showing off my skills and what not. So I'm doing freebies of both icons and these little chibi ish things http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13023435/...
  5. ChapperIce

    Make my birthday special!

    Okay so my last few birthdays have been absolute garbage for reasons I won't get into and I'm determined to make this one fabulous. Now since my family and my friends are all poor as shit I'm not getting any presents (I got one from my mom, got to see MSI in concert which amounted to $20 haha...
  6. ChapperIce

    First fursona, do you think she's toooo...meh? Fainting Goat ahoy!

    Hoorah, another goat! Hoofbumps for you, fellow goat uwu. Absolutely adorable! Love her design and she sounds like she'd get along with Candy uwu.
  7. ChapperIce

    I'd like to get my fursona redrawn. I don't know how.

    Your best bet would be to toss some money to someone (ahem ;) ) to get them to draw it to your specifications, otherwise you might not get the right details that you want. There's a section of the forum where you can post if you're hiring. There's also a section for requests. Otherwise, I say...
  8. ChapperIce

    Is it just me? Character making

    Not crushes but I've furrified friends upon request before.
  9. ChapperIce

    Looking for a tattoo artist

    I still don't see why you can't schedule an appointment for a consultation. For the parlors in my area, they don't take walk ins for tattoos, you require an appontment for a consultation and THEN the work after payment is recieved. I still think it's a good idea to ask a tattoo artist (perhaps...
  10. ChapperIce

    Looking for a tattoo artist

    Agreed with this one. Even if you decide you still want to commission the work, you should still get a consultation to learn what would work best and work within that spectrum with your chosen artist.
  11. ChapperIce

    [Commission Question] Paying Upfront or Paying After Service?

    If it's a drawing I can punch out in quick time, or one that won't require a lot of progress shots, I'll ask for money up front. If there's going to be progress, like say with an icon, I'll only ask for money after the lineart has been approved. That way if 1. they're a scammer, I didn't lose...
  12. ChapperIce

    Question about digital badges

    Unless you have a decent printer that can replicate the colors well, you might want to take it to be professionally printed (My printer sucks for instance). If you have a decent printer, if you want it kind of glossy, a photo paper (then just back it with a sturdier paper if you like) otherwise...
  13. ChapperIce

    What is the general stance on "eyedropping" real photos for colours?

    I think it's useful as a learning tool if used correctly. When I was just starting out I would eyedrop from photos to get a 'base' color and learn what a basic say, caucasian skin color might look like. Colors can look a hell of a lot different in the selection box/colorwheel/in the little...
  14. ChapperIce

    Submission Problem: Error 500 when creating new submission

    Haha I read that in Rigby's voice.. Same here. Glad to see it wasn't just a problem with me at least, which is always good (ish) news).
  15. ChapperIce

    Looking for someone to make me icon?

    Hope it's okay to reply again but here's a better example of my finished work.
  16. ChapperIce

    $5 Simple drawings and icons

    Some new icon examples, done for Murphy :) and a gift done for a lil wombat Only $5 or two for $7!
  17. ChapperIce

    Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Nonsense

    Damn that's some beautiful painting. My skills aren't on par with yours but I feel like the reason the foot is giving you trouble is because of the way his leg is turned. I'm not familiar with Russian trick riding but I think positioning the leg like this would be a more natural position and...
  18. ChapperIce

    Line art

    Aside from lineweight, I find my lineart suffers at times because it looks too stiff. This tends to happen because, since it's the lineart and not a sketch, one often does continuous lines and doing them slowly to steady them. Instead, try doing your lineart like you sketch; Short, flicks of...
  19. ChapperIce

    Looking for someone to make me icon?

    Oh man, I love her eyes. I hope my art interests you because I wanna draw this girl! My icon is an example but I also do headshot icons alongside silly little things. I can do simple animations. Currently I'm running a BOGO special: Buy one icon get another icon (or small drawing, see the mouse...
  20. ChapperIce

    Looking for a 95x95 avatar/portrait of a couple of my characters!

    I do icons for $5. What I do is draw them at a large size with icon size in consideration the entire time I'm drawing so it can both be a stand alone full size piece and an icon! My icon on here is a good example of the shrinkage but let me link some more examples of my work. I'm also doing a...