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  1. Asino

    Complete list of all conventions this year!

    I went to 4 cons last year and had a blast! Just wondering: Why isn't Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend on the list?
  2. Asino

    Toronto Furry Convention Dates

    I'm only 4 hours from Toronto, I'd go to it!
  3. Asino

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    I am an ASE certified Master Auto mechanic and I work in a car dealership. I make my own fursuits as a hobby.
  4. Asino

    Furry Connection North - 04/24/09 - 04/26/09

    I had a great time at FCN. I was the donkey with the big floppy ears and coveralls in the parade. I will definitely be going again next year, and will hopefully see everyone again this year at Anthrocon as well.
  5. Asino


    To start off my list of furry stuff, I have a homade donkey fursuit partial that I wear with coveralls and a flannel shirt. I also wear a big raccoon tail sometimes. its supposed to go with the full raccoon fursuit that I am making. I have 2 collars: a plain black one, and a black and yellow...
  6. Asino

    Would you pay for this?

    Nice. I like how it has a lively, energetic feel to it. I see your obviously not afraid to try something different. :D
  7. Asino

    Fursuit Question

    It's ok to talk while in suit, as long as you have a moveable jaw, and use an appropriate character voice. :P I socialize all the time while in suit. Non furries are usually pretty amused the first time they see a mascot talking and the jaw moves. I also eat while in suit. I've even got drunk...