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  1. StaleBread

    (insert clever title here)

    Least favorite animal you've seen fursonas of? And favorite? I'm curious to see what animals people would like to see represented more - or less.
  2. StaleBread


    OKAY SO BEAR WITH ME not to be weird or creepy, but I'm not good with just coming forward and making friends- and this probably isn't even the right board, but I'd like to make more friends and be a part of the furry community, and I'm not sure how. So, uh, tips or pointers I guess?
  3. StaleBread

    drawing ideas?

    I'm unsure what to draw and I've got major art block. any ideas to throw at me?
  4. StaleBread


    hey there! i'm breezy. i'm looking for cool people to talk to/follow on FA. a little bit about me to get started ig i love snakes, and i have a ball python named Mink. my favorite band is ajj i like keroro gunso I love Portal (and GLaDOS) i love to talk i don't like math but i like geometry...