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  1. Wakboth

    User repeatedly faving and unfaving same pic

    There is a guy who faves, then a few days later unfaves, and either immediately or another few days later faves the same picture in my gallery. He has no submissions of his own, no journal posts, nothing in his profile or information box except his age. Just a bunch of faves, including one pic...
  2. Wakboth

    Login/Password Problems: Cannot Log Out

    For some reason, I can't log out of my FA account. Pressing the "Log Out" link just refreshes the index page, and I'm still logged on. Edited to add: I'm using Firefox 3.6.3, if that is relevant.
  3. Wakboth

    [Mildly rantish] Coming up with characters

    Sometimes I envy the people who seem to have such an easy time coming up with fursonas and other characters of their own. I think I'm all right as an amateur furry writer, and enjoy working with other people's settings and characters (as you see if you look at my stuff), I suck at creating my...
  4. Wakboth

    Why Sonic?

    One of the unanswered questions I have about furry fandom, is why so many people are fans of Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the games? The games are (or were) fast and fun, but I don't think that alone can explain the popularity of these characters. And I can't really see the...
  5. Wakboth

    Gone but not forgotten artists?

    One of my early favorite artists was Neurodyne (http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Neurodyne/). His VCL gallery hasn't been updated since 2002, however, and I have never found his art elsewhere. This thread has two points; firstly, I'd be interested in finding out what happened to him (my...
  6. Wakboth


    I've been on FA for quite a some time now, but I've only recently paid much attention to the forums. Finally, I decided to register here; can't hurt, after all! So, anything pertinent / interesting information I should give? I'm male, Finnish, a college student, a gamer, a writer and a furry...