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  1. Fidchell

    Fidchell's Youtube Tutorials

    Hey everyone! A couple months ago I've started a new youtube channel to focus on random pieces of art I work on as well as providing tutorials for those who are seeking help. My channel doesn't have too much reception at the moment and it'd be a big motivational boost if I could get some...
  2. Fidchell

    Fidchell's Constructive Criticism Thread

    Or how I learned to stop worrying and love improvement. This was inspired from the other topic, of which I am now incredibly bittersweet about... I was hoping you guys could help me from here on out. I will be making attempts to focus on areas I have to improve on as well as more dynamic poses...
  3. Fidchell

    My art is off-putting and terrible.

    I have been trying for several years to impress the furry community, but I continue to fail. It's mostly because of the lack of feedback that I just now get the epiphany that my art needs fixing and that there is something wrong with it. I am fully aware that my anatomy is not the best and I am...
  4. Fidchell

    The Drifter

    Hello, everyone. I'm a tad nervous doing this, as I'm not sure how well it's taken when someone pimps out their own art on the forums, but I would just like to spread some word about a comic that I'm working on at the moment and updating weekly. The Drifter is a noir-ish action/drama that...
  5. Fidchell

    Fidchell's Request Bonanza

    Hello, guys. Remember me? Anyone? No? Okay. That's cool. All you need to know is that I'm back, and I'm prepared to take requests again. Back then I used to do traditional lineart, but I've gone full digital a while back. I'll be doing simple lineart with some crosshatch shading here and...
  6. Fidchell

    Fidchell here, taking requests once again!

    (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING) Hello again everyone! :p It's been a while, but I'm back and ready to take in requests again. An example of a request this time would be a sketchy lineart with somewhat sketchy shading. This is what you would've gotten in my last topic...
  7. Fidchell

    Taking in requests.

    Hey guys, I'm taking in some requests. Requests will be partial body and sketchy, no shading. Anyone interested? Further notes: Requests don't get a background and I do not draw any mature content or fetish art for anyone on this account. I am only drawing portraits for requests. Sorry if this...
  8. Fidchell

    Could I have a bit of critique?

    Hi, guys. I'm a massive perfectionist. There is not one single thing I've drawn that I've liked 100% and I'm always striving to improve. I'm usually not one to totally submit to criticism, but I am curious to see what you guys have to say about some of my stuff. Thanks for your time...
  9. Fidchell

    Could I have some people take a look at my art?

    I would really appreciate it if someone could view my art gallery. Critique is, of course, welcome if you are so inclined. I do pencil art, in other words, traditional art. Thanks! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/problempants/
  10. Fidchell

    Here Comes a New Guy!

    Hi, guys! My name's Fidchell, nice to meet you all. I love drawing furries and I hope to blend in well with the crowd. :D I'm starting to fill my gallery gradually with my old arts. You could take a gander at them if you wish. :)