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  1. SchneeTheSnep

    Looking for an SFW Policing RP, can be military or whatever. Even railroading works if done right.

    So I wanna start off by saying this: Why da hecc u mofos so horny all da time! Since I'm 17 (for like two more months as of this post. 4 Oct. is when I don't have to worry about this anymore). Anyway. Hai I'm Ryker. A raccoon. That's where my name comes from- Useless comedy over. I'm looking...
  2. SchneeTheSnep

    Furry Erotica Commissions (USD$1.50 Per Page, price negotiable)

    Hey there! I'm Ryker! I'm here wanting to see if I could make a little side money, as I don't have any reliable sources of money at the moment. So I chose something that I've been doing well: Furry erotica. Now, forewarning. I don't think I'm top-tier, I think I'm pretty low-tier. But friends...
  3. SchneeTheSnep

    Hey! I'm looking for friends!

    Hey y'all! I'm a sixteen-year-old who joined a couple months ago. Just exploring the forum, getting used to the platform as well as making new friends and overall just chatting! I'm not really good at drawing or able to have the funds for art, so I have none. But I do want to get better at it...