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  1. Satsuki15

    Hey uh, I have a discord server under development, but pretty much done

    It’s basically just a fun place to hang out and talk There’s a vent channel, meme, media, not to mention nsfw channels of course No minors are allowed here, you’ll see more in the rules channel Come and have a g a y time! The g a y
  2. Satsuki15

    Looking for gay rp (nsfw)

    I’m a male fox, looking for some people to degrade me with bondage. Anyone interested just dm.
  3. Satsuki15

    Pokémon go: let’s be friends!

    For any of you Pokémon go players out there, here’s my code if you wanna be friends! 9662 6095 2082
  4. Satsuki15

    Anyone here play snipers vs thieves?

    I recently got into this game called snipers vs thieves, and was wondering if anyone on here played it? Because if so I have a public clan called thief wipers, already in the top ten but with only one member (me).
  5. Satsuki15

    (Don’t respond)

    Just post what you would do if some asshole came and did something to the most important person in your life Could be portrayed by video, or really anything (Feel free to give yourself powers) Personally, I’d probably do something like this
  6. Satsuki15

    Weird bucket list items

    Post the most outrageous thing on your bucket list here Mine: shout profanity In a church
  7. Satsuki15

    My discord is working again!

    If anyone wants to rp, just dm me Probably won’t be on there as much as I was before, though
  8. Satsuki15

    Do you ever feel weird in the suit?

    I recently got a fursuit, but am waiting until I make it look more like my sona In the meantime, I have a question
  9. Satsuki15

    My new video

    For you owl house fans out there Here it is, owl house characters but they’re autocorrected
  10. Satsuki15

    The user above’s last 3 brain cells during an exam

    Basically you just post what you think the user above you is thinking about during a boring ass exam
  11. Satsuki15

    I will be in art fight

    Just so everyone’s aware
  12. Satsuki15

    Random noises thread

    Post random noises here Nyeh
  13. Satsuki15

    What is artfight?

    I’ve been thinking of joining, but I don’t know how it works Can someone tell me please?
  14. Satsuki15

    The user above is hella gay

    Declare the user above you hella gay
  15. Satsuki15

    I wanna be dominated

    Can someone dominate me in nsfw rp please? I’ve only ever been the top Dm me if interested please!
  16. Satsuki15

    Request: I want a prosthetic left arm

    I think my sona would be cooler with a prosthetic left arm, but the last time I drew something mechanical it malfunctioned Dm me if you do it please! It just goes to his elbow, though, so maybe have his sleeve ripped off or something? Idk :1
  17. Satsuki15

    Drawing your sonas as balls

    If anyone wants me to turn their sona into a screaming ball, comment below a ref sheet I WILL comment when a users piece of art is done Hope to hear from you soon! THIS IS FREE
  18. Satsuki15

    Nsfw rp (possibly long term)

    Pm me if interested, we’ll do it on there Looking for NEW nsfw rp partners People say I’m pretty fun ;3 see you around!
  19. Satsuki15

    REQUEST: will someone draw violence?

    ,I want my fursona to be punching a short rat character
  20. Satsuki15

    Yo mama jokes

    Use yo mama jokes here, just label who their targeted at (These are just jokes) @Fatal yo mama so stupid, she thought Starbucks were space currency!