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  1. Artboy1

    Furry Board Games?

    Erm, is that counts if someone is trying to make his own card game? Not fully related to furry, but have furry related decks/clans/tribes/some separated cards?
  2. Artboy1

    Seeking New Rp Partner(s)

    Hello, I wanted to ask what kind of things are you comfortable with? You know, some peoples can ask for something 'unusual(I mean fetishes)', so I'm curious what are you comfortable with. I don't want to accidentally ask about something that may be uncomfortable for you.
  3. Artboy1

    Pet store (Macro/Micro vore rp)

    In this RP you are playing as macro. You come to the local pet store, where you can found micros as a pets. You can be gentle owner or quite dominant one, it's your decision. You can be any specie you want(preferably not humans). Switch is allowed with you as pet. Allowed pairings: any...
  4. Artboy1

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Rockstar or Fashion designer. Hard to choose if be honest, both fits awesomely.
  5. Artboy1

    Poke-Lab giant vore RP (Possible NSFW)

    Yes, we had an rp before^^ Now I have my own Scenarios. So, let's move to private conversation to discuss what you want to do?
  6. Artboy1

    Poke-Lab giant vore RP (Possible NSFW)

    Sure, why not. Like I said, any pokemon you want.
  7. Artboy1

    Poke-Lab giant vore RP (Possible NSFW)

    Pokemon Laboratory is searching for human volunteers for their tests, and promising a good reward. Pretty attractive offer, right? Well, today you decided to see what kind of tests they are doing. In this scenario you are volunteer in the researching complex, where scientists is studying and...
  8. Artboy1

    Weird delivery, vore(optional) RP (Possible NSFW)

    Let's do at least this one first.
  9. Artboy1

    Weird delivery, vore(optional) RP (Possible NSFW)

    Alright. Book rp we kinda messed up, so I guess this one can be better.
  10. Artboy1

    Continue story with 1 paragraph.

    In this game you have to continue story of previous poster. Only one paragraph, 3-4 sentences, no more or less. Let's see how wild or funny can this story be, and don't be shy to add something weird if you want. And you can drive story in any way. Start of story: It was a normal summer day...
  11. Artboy1

    Weird delivery, vore(optional) RP (Possible NSFW)

    Imagine, you are human, peacefully sitting in your living room and watching TV, when suddenly heard a knock at the door. That's strange, because you don't wait for anyone. When you open the door there is no one at all, just a little futuristic looking box, kinda like a cube from Portal on the...
  12. Artboy1

    Interactive game "Got teleported to the world of pokemons".

    Hello everyone. This is new concept that I had in mind for some time. Rules are simple: You have to continue story of the poster above you. But with a little twist: after each chapter(it can be long or short, but not shorter than 5 sentences) at the end you have to leave a choice of path, 2-3...
  13. Artboy1

    Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was overwhelmed by other things.

    Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was overwhelmed by other things.
  14. Artboy1

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    Was petted not enough. Only way to heal is injection of petting straight behind the ear. *Start petting.*
  15. Artboy1

    You open the door, and the fur above you is....

    Playing 'Super Mario Kart', wearing Mario's Cappy hat from 'Super Mario Odyssey'.
  16. Artboy1

    Mini Vore RPs (SFW/NSFW)

    I had to Google it. You want to try something?
  17. Artboy1

    Mini Vore RPs (SFW/NSFW)

    What do you mean? I'm not sure that I understand you.
  18. Artboy1

    Mini Vore RPs (SFW/NSFW)

    Mini vore rp on free themes (no human preds). Nothing really serious, just something short or funny related to vore. If you are interested in doing something like that, feel free to ask. Only real limit is gore(no graphic digestion or real cooking).
  19. Artboy1

    Book of Forbidden wishes (fixed)

    You was in the library. When you was trying to find something interesting to read, you found the old book. It was covered with dust. When you wiped the dust away, you read the title: 'Book of forbidden desires'. Your curiosity forced you to take it home and read it, so you did it. This book can...