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  1. ownerofalonelyheart

    Need artist who can draw speed boats (30$)

    I know what you guys are thinking-you're barking up the wrong tree here! Thing is I have original species OC's and I find some furry artists (you are all so talented ty!!) can pin them down and some can't-anyone with experience drawing vehicles tends to nail it though-I like animal traits and...
  2. ownerofalonelyheart

    Clean sketch book cover 25$

    Hello Furry artists. a little shaken up as I just tried this on "Furry" on Facebook and got attacked for my character design, so that was fun. However so far I have had better luck with folks on here so I am back again. (But will not be posting refs on here due to not wanting to repeat that...
  3. ownerofalonelyheart

    need a book cover 40$

    Greetings artists. I am a writer in possession of unusual OC's (original species) and I am looking for an open-minded artist to draw them for me. please note I need these covers for commercial use-covers on Amazon. My OC's are vehicle-inspired animal-people which is why I'd like to work with...