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  1. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Room needed for Rain Furrest

    It's a smaller furry Con held just outside of Seattle, WA
  2. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Room needed for Rain Furrest

    I'd suggest also posting at the RF forums: http://www.rainfurrest.com/forums/
  3. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Rainfurrest - Seattle, WA

    This is why I think this con is good for breaking in people who are new to the furry thing. RF's predecessor was my first con ever. People here are friendly. There's stuff to do for most of the day. I think one of the activities in the various room is an hour long thing directly for those...
  4. BijouxDeFoxxe

    For RainFurrest Attendees: Chibi Conbadges!

    Want a conbadge? Want a freakin' CUTE conbadge? I'm offering badges now! You'll get one over sized conbadge, approximately 6 inches tall/long, featuring a chibi version of YOUR character! Your badge will be colored with colored pencil on white paper, laminated in a heavy duty lamination pouch...
  5. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Rainfurrest - Seattle, WA

    I shall be there, for Friday and Saturday :D I finagled Saturday off at one of my jobs. (yes, I'm a furry with TWO jobs!) I'll be floating around, and I hope to be more social at this con too lol. I tend to be a bit shy around people in person. So if you see me, come up and say "HI!"
  6. BijouxDeFoxxe

    RainFurrest 08: September 26 - 28 SeaTac, WA

    I'l be there. I know I'll be there partially for two days (it all depends on if I get this job I interviewed for or not.) If I get the job, I'll be there the last half of friday, and all day saturday. And if not, all day friday and the last half of saturday.
  7. BijouxDeFoxxe

    anyone else bothered by the Cocktails ad?

    While Dragoneer already said we're putting working on the Ads to make the people with mature art on only allowed to see the "porn" adverts. That being said, this is my response as a user of this site, NOT as an admin of this site (as I was a user long before I was an admin) I honestly...
  8. BijouxDeFoxxe

    im in ur message box, leavin' a note.

    im in ur message box, leavin' a note.
  9. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    There was a game I use to play on play station. It was super cheesy and corny, but I thought it was fun. It was Mort the Chicken. And you had to collect baby chickens and fight against alien cubes who thought that the earthlings and farm animals were killing their brothers... but really, they...
  10. BijouxDeFoxxe

    what movie/tv show makes you cry

    Well, I almost cry ever time I watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet. Dumbo makes me cry every single time. Yes, I agree. The last episode of Season2 of Doctor Who had me sobbing. AND the Season 2 finale of Torchwood made me cry too.
  11. BijouxDeFoxxe

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Juno. It's sitting in my dvd player now. I think Diablo Cody is my new hero.
  12. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Favorite animated movie?

    all I can say... is whoever voted against Dumbo FAILS!
  13. BijouxDeFoxxe

    how do you make a website

    My mentor gave me a subdomain off his website. And I have a cheesy drag and drop website builder. I just threw my site together, and my friend said he'll help me make a super duper site later.
  14. BijouxDeFoxxe

    How do you Vector lines

    an easier way to trace all your lines with paths in Photoshop is to take the magic wand, select all the white areas go select>inverse and then you to you Paths window and select "make new working path" a little screen pops up with a number. 3 is sually a good one to use. The higher the number...
  15. BijouxDeFoxxe

    FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen - CLOSED

    RE: FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen you already know my idea... which I shall prolly draw sometime in class tomorrow... 4 hours of History of Political Theory of the Ancient World i must sit through...
  16. BijouxDeFoxxe

    I want to discuss the 'Upload Policy'.

    Yes it is violating the rules. It is not displaying a skin you made, icons you made, and/or a wallpaper you made, or that somebody made ONLY for you.
  17. BijouxDeFoxxe

    I want to discuss the 'Upload Policy'.

    The point is, they aren't allowed. Just because you disagree with a rule, does not mean you should go out and disobey with the rule. Breaking the rules of the site leads to repercussions.
  18. BijouxDeFoxxe

    I want to discuss the 'Upload Policy'.

    Different sites have different rules. FA is not DA. This site is to show off the art that people have created for themselves, or what other people have created for *them*. If you have created a wallpaper of your own, or somebody made the wallpaper for you, then it would follow the "For You/By...
  19. BijouxDeFoxxe

    What the crap?

    Just to note, it wasn't a member of the staff or Admin team who but the "B&" messege on Sonderjen's page. They did it themselves.
  20. BijouxDeFoxxe

    Suspect kills police dog

    Wouldn't the suspect effectivly be charged with killing an officer of the law now? I think I recall people being charged with assaulting an officer if they do anything to police dogs.