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  1. Krasl

    The first furry...

    Does anyone know when and where the first furry was "created" and what it was? I believe the first species was from the lycanthrope idea somewhere in greece, but hey, that's just what I think.
  2. Krasl

    Final fantasy

    Any final fantasy fans in the forum?
  3. Krasl

    Any gamers?

    Just like the title says, are there any gamers here in the forum? if so, then what is your favorite game(s)/ game series?
  4. Krasl

    Claw or sword?

    If you were in a fight, which would you rather use? Your self defense mechanism (claws, fangs, etc.)... or a weapon (sword, gun, etc.)...
  5. Krasl

    Yiff or violence?

    which do you prefer? Yiff...or bloodshed?
  6. Krasl

    Who would win?

    If a wolf furry and fox furry were to enter a battle, who do you think would win?
  7. Krasl

    Furry Freetime?

    What do most furries do in their free time?
  8. Krasl

    Furry tutorials please!

    Does anyone have any places to check for furry drawing tutorials? Or perhaps someone could send me a few of their own tutorials? Thnx in advance!
  9. Krasl

    Tips anyone?

    i'm a noob to this site and I have read quite a few topics and have been bombarded by all of these words and terms that i have never came across before. Anyone think they could give me a few definitions or tips in their free time?
  10. Krasl


    Hey everybody! I'm kinda new to FA and the forum, but I have been a member of the fandom since I was little! Um...Guess that's it!