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  1. Kaji Ryuuko

    Kumoricon anyone?

    Here's the real low down on what Kumoricon is. It's an Anime/Gaming convention that's held in the northwest. This year it is at the new Hilton Hotel in Vancouver. And man is that hotel nice. Chairs could use some padding though. *rubs neck* But anyway, this convention is in its fifth year and...
  2. Kaji Ryuuko

    Not Able to Log in

    Anyone else not able to? Or am I just one of the chosen few. *sticks a Help! flag into the ground*
  3. Kaji Ryuuko

    Calling Oregon Furries

    Is there anyone in oregon but me!!! I hope there is. It's so lonely being a lone furry. ;.;
  4. Kaji Ryuuko


    Anyone do fursuits? I'm thinking of trying to get a Kyuubi one for a convention next year. (Kyuubi as in Naruto Kyuubi, except anthro).
  5. Kaji Ryuuko

    An intro of a lightning dragon

    Hello, I'm not really new to the furry community, but I'm new to the forums. The name is Kaji ryuujin and I'm a dragon, yes another one. My scales are gray along my body, and a darker gray along my chest and the underside of my tail, same with my wing membrane. Down my neck, back and tail...
  6. Kaji Ryuuko

    Where do you live?

    Yes, I know that title sucks and everything, but my sleep drpeived brain couldn't think of anything else to put there. Anyways, on topic with the title. I'm in Oregon and before anyone asks, "What's it like up there?" "how's the weather?" or anything else like that. I can sum up the...