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  1. LeeuRex

    One Slot, detailed couples commission or two pinups

    I really want to get my cat this beautiful collar: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83629989/be-mine-red-velvet-12-dog-or-cat-collar If anyone would be willing to buy it for him, I'd do a detailed inks commission with digital color and two characters, OR two detailed digital pinups, one character...
  2. LeeuRex

    Feral Cat Request

    Hey guys, i just got a new friend, Balthazar the half-siamese half-tabby cat. He is such a cutie, I was wondering if anyone would like to draw him for me? Here are some images of him: http://flyawaydog.tumblr.com/tagged/balthazar He loves to sleep by the speakers when I play house and dubstep...
  3. LeeuRex

    Limited Time Commissions!

    XMAS SPECIAL: UNTIL JAN. 1ST EVERYTHING IS 30% OFF!!! Hi all, I am offering commissions but just for a month or two before I get back into my schoolwork. I am still creating new samples, if you're interested in possibly being chosen to be a guinea-pig, please see my thread in the Art Exchange...
  4. LeeuRex

    Commissions Soon, free art now!

    I'm starting commissions soon, but need samples first! If you link me to your characters I may use one or two when I am making samples ;D
  5. LeeuRex


    (sorry if this is in the wrong forum) I'm looking for some really interesting/good gijinkas...preferably other types than pokemon gijinkas, but if you know of some swell pokejinkas then go for it. Links to galleries, images, etc would be really nice. Thanks!
  6. LeeuRex

    Character development?

    What are some good ways to develop characters? A lot of time what i find useful is a list of questions regarding ways the char will react or interact in certain situations...is there a standard list like this? or some better methods?
  7. LeeuRex

    Badges with a speedy turnaround

    Just finished some badges and I wanna show 'em off! I really enjoy doing these and they get done very quickly, I can do two or three in a day c: Full-body badges (marker or digital) Marker full-body badges are $20, digital ones are $15. No digital samples for these yet. If you claim...
  8. LeeuRex

    Super Ink Drawings for the Super Hairy

    Have lots of fur/hair to show off? Huge fluffy tail? Frilly beard? You can have a drawing like the ones below of your character for only $9 How it works: I will draw your character(s) in my notebook and send you a high-res scan. You can also opt to add in digital color for an extra $3...
  9. LeeuRex


    I'm drawing some pokemon in this style and I wanna know, what pokemon should I draw next?
  10. LeeuRex

    Half-off watercolor painting of one character!

    I still am looking to get some samples of watercolor/ink images up, so the first person to claim this slot will get a watercolor painting for half-price :D Will be similar to this One character is normally $25 for a full-body painting, but you can have it for $12! Extra characters are...
  11. LeeuRex

    Half-Price Commissions!

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VDckUKuWGBFLhzbawCsYi5cDtjI0kDh7m_bZq9Ljg_0/edit?hl=en Here is my list of new commission prices. I have very few proper samples, so I am going to offer everything half off to the first person to claim it! Only ONE SLOT per commission type is half off...
  12. LeeuRex

    Tonight only digital work

    Doing work like this http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkehh96ZXK1qj33awo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1304146915&Signature=tnlQz0B5dYiMeALVGLwjrn%2Fi8DY%3D tonight only, $10-$15 depending on complexity of character. They will be fast, about 1-2 hours...
  13. LeeuRex

    $5 Commissions

    $5 digital doodles of characters, similar to this but with a bit more detail: http://flyawaydog.tumblr.com/post/4848084577 http://flyawaydog.tumblr.com/post/4848187355/mirando-my-stoutland-dura-my-munna-and-tympole +$3 per add'l characters PAYPAL ONLY I'll be churning these ones out...
  14. LeeuRex

    Need a Partner?

    If you feel like drawing something dirty, why not throw in my harem girl/boy, Torch? He/she is adopted from Capribebe of FA and I haven't yet chosen a gender, so feel free to draw Torch as either or both genders! Here's the original Torch: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3818807/ And my...
  15. LeeuRex

    What do I need more examples of?

    Hey everyone! Take a peek at my gallery and let me know what I need more examples of. More dragons, scalies, avians? Let me know what you want to see more of and if your character represents that, go ahead and post some refs c: I'll be choosing what to draw at random, so post away!
  16. LeeuRex

    Art for books!

    If you own or are willing to buy (used is a-okay!) me the D&D Player's Handbook or the second or third handbook, I will draw you just about anything and ship it to you! I live in the U.S. Some things I would be willing to do (per book)-- -8 single-character sketches ($44 value) -5 2-char...
  17. LeeuRex

    Sketch Pages starting at only $15!

    I have no examples for a sketch page and have never done one for a commission, so I'd need to do one or two to have examples and know how to price it correctly. Would anyone like to commission me for a sketch page? It will include various media and you can have it in pen/black and white (I...
  18. LeeuRex

    Custom Stickers!

    I really have been wanting to make stickers, but the last time I did was a few years ago and I don't like the art enough to use as an example. I need a guinea pig!!! I'm offering a whole 8.5x11 sheet of custom stickers (two poses/characters, but can be printed in various sizes, as small or...
  19. LeeuRex

    Exchange groups?

    Maybe this is the wrong forum for this... I was wondering if anyone knows of some good exchange groups/clubs either here, on DA or even on LJ?
  20. LeeuRex

    Want a FREE ACEO?

    Throughout June, if you buy anything $10 or more from Wasabipower, I will throw in a FREE ACEO of one character. These cards can be on brown, yellow, red,blue, green, 'recycled,' paper or plain white bristol. For EVERY $10 you spend, you'll get an ACEO (i.e. spend $30, get 3 ACEOs). They will...