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  1. iKerochu


    Name: iKerochu(Usually called "Kero" though.) Age: 19. (No real specific age really. TIMELESSS) Sex: Changes gender time to time, usually female though. Species: Ferrachu(half pikachu, half ferret) Height: Feral- 3'5" Anthro- 5'7" Weight: Feral - 8lbs. Anthro - 145 lbs. Appearance: - Hair and...
  2. iKerochu

    'Ch-Chuu~ +>/////<+

    'Ellos, I'm new here. [Obviously. +o__o+'] My fursona is a Ferrachu; half pikachu, half ferret. I have a FA account and I decided to join the forum for it because I'd like to meet and hopefully befriend other FA users. +^_^+; I'd love to do some trades, but I won't mind doing requests or...