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  1. OnlyWolf

    Will we ever...

    ...Get rid of all the steryotypes surrounding us? (I think someone already asked this. >_>)
  2. OnlyWolf

    Derail this please

    This is a thread meant to be derailed. Do whatever the hell you want to it, idc. ;D
  3. OnlyWolf

    Your stance on the "fandumb"

    Is it good? Bad? What needs work? List all the things that are wrong and what is good about it.
  4. OnlyWolf

    Worst thing to do at a con?

    List all the worst things you can think of to do at a con. It can be anything you want!! (that includes 'yiff' related topics) :P
  5. OnlyWolf

    Foam head and fur

    I have used 1 inch foam to make my head. It's near impossible to glue everything together and I run out of about 4 hot glue gun sticks in like 30 minutes! >:l I do also have a question. To put the fur on, do I just glue it?
  6. OnlyWolf

    Don't Know who to go with!

    I will be going to AC 2010 this year! :D I'm really exited! But, I have absolutley no idea who to go with or what to do when there is no event going on at that moment. Keep in mind I have never been to a con before so I have no Idea what to expect. O_o'
  7. OnlyWolf

    Partial or full?

    I found a person that makes good quality partial suits for roughly $350! (that's incuding shipping) A full suit can cost up to $1500. and that's not including shipping. Because I have just about $210 in my wallet, should I go with the partial suit for my b-day? Or wait 2 more years for the full...
  8. OnlyWolf

    Mad at someone...

    Have you ever been so pissed off to the point where you just want to throw that person through a wall so they will stop bugging you? I will admit, I try to be a pretty optimistic person, but sometimes certian people push you over the edge. The reason for me being so mad is not furry related like...
  9. OnlyWolf

    Good suiting idea?

    Say your school had a craziest outfit day. How to win: Have the craziest outfit. Would you put on your fursuit and go to school? I know if I had my own suit I would. ;) What do you think? Should you suit or not suit?
  10. OnlyWolf

    Any cons in Mass/Rohde Island?

    Anyone have any news of cons coming to The northeast? If so, tell me please!! D;