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  1. E-mannor

    Need help learning to use a tablet.

    Alright I think I've got things working, one last question though. How do I save the brushes so they are in the menu? When I go and save them to the brush folder I have to reload them each time I need to use them.
  2. E-mannor

    Need help learning to use a tablet.

    Hmm after some screwing around I managed to make some easy brush patterns, but I looked around and could not find any options in which to alter the brushes I made. Where is the menu for changing the spacing and dynamics?
  3. E-mannor

    Need help learning to use a tablet.

    Thanks fuzzle! I have to say 90% of that went right over my head, but it gives me some things to try out. I'll have to mess around with brush effects for a while to get what I can even do. How would I go about creating a custom brush? And you mentioned using gray scale before adding color...
  4. E-mannor

    Need help learning to use a tablet.

    Alright I've had my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet for about a year and have finally set down and used it for a complete project in photoshop. The results were great but I could not help but feeling I was doing far more work than necessary. Here is the result: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/3304847/...
  5. E-mannor


    Welcome, if you want any of your stuff critiqued or a few pointers just note me on my FA page ^_^
  6. E-mannor

    Do you has a mate?

    Yes I'm happily mated to another furry, we met a while back on furaffinity and got together recently.
  7. E-mannor

    Help with a new style (critique)

    Thank you for the critique and advice. I see I still have a ways to go ^_^ but progress is good.
  8. E-mannor

    Help with a new style (critique)

    In short I'm trying my hand at a few different styles of drawing anthro. My older works were somewhat simpler, especially in the faces Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3080738/ But now I'm moving towards a more expressive style that also offers a little more muscle detail...
  9. E-mannor

    Open For Requests, WTF!?! :D

    I love seeing other styles ^_^ If you have extra time I have a character that might be some fun. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3088079/ He's Woolf, a he has a sort of impulsive uppity attitude XD I'm not going to make any promises but I may be able to make it a trade if I can find the time...
  10. E-mannor

    Real or Fictional?

    I don't know how to describe my style... a little influenced by anime but you tell me http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3088079/ Its just the way I've always drawn
  11. E-mannor

    Looking for a general critique.

    Alright I've been drawing and believe I am getting better but always am looking for other people's ideas and criticisms. Any comments you have would be much appreciated. Sketch examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3088838/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3088845/ Line art examples...
  12. E-mannor

    Rate my photos?

    I would say above average, but not by much... They have potential, but they are all pictures "of" things, and are not stand alone works. Everything is particularly centered which gives a good balance but makes them seem bland and uneventful, there is almost no visual tension, and there is...
  13. E-mannor

    Wing Study

    I would suggest drawing from life (its not what I exactly like doing, but it works) Well, because wings are usually moving when they are extended, you might actually want to try a picture. No how-to tutorial will help as much as getting right into a study. Just google "bats" and draw the...
  14. E-mannor

    Can people actually get worse?

    I'll say that when I don't draw for over a week, I definitely get a little behind where I can usually preform. So yes you can, but more importantly to get better you have to just draw a lot.
  15. E-mannor

    What Do You Use to Draw?

    well usually just .7mm mechanical pencil, and I ink with a small, medium and brush black inking pen, Faber-Castell makes good pens.
  16. E-mannor

    List of Request Accepting Artists and Writers

    Re: List of Request Accepting Artists Requests have been harder and harder to find the time to do, and money has become tight, sorry guys but I have to call it quits for most of my free stuff. Please take my name off of the list v.v
  17. E-mannor

    Cheapskate's Delight!

    I usually hang around Kongregate.com when I'm board. The good games from all around the net end up there shortly after their release and if you make an account (which is free) you can keep you sort of "gamer score" from the achievements. There's also a running chat for you to vent after rage...
  18. E-mannor

    Favorite ending to a game

    Portal! Gota love that song 8D
  19. E-mannor

    Whould you have shot President Bush while he was in office?

    @Tycho Well surprisingly enough I'm a centrist. I have yet to take the time out of my busy schedule to even try out voting. Yes the republicans did a good job shaking things up, but take a look around. Bush was mostly harmless. He was a republican running a democratic government, and that...
  20. E-mannor

    Whould you have shot President Bush while he was in office?

    Anyone who does not get it, well look at it this way. The decisions presidents make can be either good or bad or anywhere in the middle. That said they can be short term and long term. If the effects are long term they can end up far worse down the line. Bush may have been and idiot but...