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    Looking for RP Frens.

    Ah... last seen November 15th 2017.
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    Anyone looking for some ponyplay? (Males only)

    I can't seem to message you.
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    Looking for a SFW age regression roleplay [Discord]

    If you want to do it with me, that's fine.
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    Looking for a SFW age regression roleplay [Discord]

    Erm... OP hasn't been on since December 4th.
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    Man Looking for Mature rper

    What are these odd fetishes you speak of?
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    Anyone looking for some ponyplay? (Males only)

    Not entirely sure what it is but we can talk it through.
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    Is the forums site broken for anyone else?

    For some reason, the site doesn't load properly. Usually you get the normal forums sit, bkue background, everything organised and functioning properly, etc. Though however, now it is just pure HTML, only black and blue text on a white background. I can still navigate the forums and the usual but...
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    How do i disable this

    Also, click on more options when you post a reply, it will bring up a new page for you to type your reply but also give you the watch and email notification options.
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    Need help with setting up commissions

    First off, I'm not sure which topic this goes in so feel free to relocate it. I know people use paypal for commissions, but I'm not sure how to set it up. Well, I do, but it asks for home address but I'm not entirely sure why apart from sending/receiving physical items. I'm a closet furry and...
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    Better favourites functionality

    I think it might be good to improve favourites as: 1. There is no way to search through your favourites - someone may have a lot of favourites, for example: 678. If a person wanted to go through their own favourites to find something they specific, they have to search through every single page...
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    Looking for RP Partners

    What do you like to RP on?
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    Looking for RP Frens.

    What plot could we do?
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    Getting temporary '403 Forbidden' error on the download link

    I don't know what is happening. I keep getting random '403 Forbidden' errors on the image download links on FA (the URL you get when you click the download button underneath an image). I'm trying to add a bunch of someone's TF art to an imgur album so I can post it elsewhere, i.e. a discord TF...
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    Looking for RP partners

    How would the modern setting work with anthros and monster creatures, etc.
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    Looking for RP partners

    Any dragons, kituunes, werewolves, ect.?
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    Looking for an RP!

    What do you like RPing on?