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  1. SerafinatheVixen

    Kennel-Life Conte$t.

    Sent my comic in!
  2. SerafinatheVixen

    Who can...?

    This sounds like SO much fun!!! I really love doing extended projects. I do all traditional so you would get the full colored images back (i use prisma mostly) and im fairly confident I could do cars though I dont have any examples :( You can click on my paw to see some examples or my da...
  3. SerafinatheVixen


    I owuld love to draw him, I have my prices listed on the paw to the left :)
  4. SerafinatheVixen

    Anyone interested in a Unique species?

    I would love to draw these for you, they are so wonderful looking <3 I have some commission prices listed in my thread, if you like my style I would love to get started!
  5. SerafinatheVixen

    Kennel-Life Conte$t.

    Im a little confused on the rules. do we take the dogs from the pictures and draw them as cartoon strips? do the poses or anything need to reflect the picures or do we have free reign? is this still happening?
  6. SerafinatheVixen

    Looking for a simple portrait done. Trading a tail.

    I would totally be willing to do a pencil drawing for you, but I dont have any good examples uploaded yet :/ If you wanna check my page out anyways and possibly work with me my page is on the paw to the left. I hope you consider my style :)
  7. SerafinatheVixen

    looking for an amazing artist!

    Im free for a commission too if you like my style, its all traditional and you get the original when im done <3 Id love to hear from you!
  8. SerafinatheVixen

    Looking to commission a couple artists

    I do a more anime esque style but I love to do traditional. I do alot of prismacolors but I would love to give watercolors a shot too. I dont have many examples in my sig but let me know, I would be honored to draw for you and your fiancee :D
  9. SerafinatheVixen

    Kennel-Life Conte$t.

    I will try but im not 100% on the rules yet, it sounds fun though!
  10. SerafinatheVixen

    Which is better: Dicks or Cocks?

    freakin one eyed wonder weasel all the way!
  11. SerafinatheVixen

    Restart and renew

    Welcome Jay! Seems like a big transition from ohio to cali but im sure you will have alot of fun. Speaking of which, it is so refreshing to see a male dancer! <3
  12. SerafinatheVixen

    Why do people think all furries are/will be gay?

    aw, way to crush my dreams there :(
  13. SerafinatheVixen


    Scotty, I swear you sound more fun every day lol
  14. SerafinatheVixen

    Why do people think all furries are/will be gay?

    lol i get this feeling furries would make awesome orgys XD everyone goes both ways, doms and submissives, collars... you guys need to stop pushing my mind into the gutter!
  15. SerafinatheVixen

    Claw or sword?

    I vote claws :) Its not much against a sword but the idea is oh so completely satisfying to get to run someone through with your bare hand
  16. SerafinatheVixen


    On the subject of bdsm Im a dom, but I find it hard to find submissives :( I love collars though and I often wear them with tags :D Though I cant say ive worn one in public since high school... its a bedroom thing for me ;)
  17. SerafinatheVixen

    Looking for someone to draw me a Bear/Wolf Hybrid

    Are you looking for free art or are you on a budget? :)
  18. SerafinatheVixen

    Year of the Tiger, art needed for anthro tiger

    I would love to do this if you would like to commission me again! <3
  19. SerafinatheVixen

    Real you vs internet you.

    real me: conservative, quiet around most people, shy about my hobbies, worry alot internet me: flirty, semi outgoing, outspoken, able to admit alot more about myself and experiment