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  1. CerberusWhitefur

    HAVE AT YOU!...oh umm...sup gais

    If you go trough this portal there will be cake.. o.o Welcome here =3
  2. CerberusWhitefur

    Max Payne

    I played both games and I loved it. I heard the film is kinda sucky... So... Was it really that bad?
  3. CerberusWhitefur

    Any ideas for free online games you can play with another?

    Ragnarok Online: Gravity just opened a free server... Or you can play any other server arouuund the world.. all is free =3 http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/News/Notice/NoticeView.asp?noticeSeqNo=82&Page=1&Condition=&KeyWord=&mNum=4 http://www.ratemyserver.net/
  4. CerberusWhitefur

    hello to all

    Greetings and welcome to FAF =3
  5. CerberusWhitefur

    The manly men topic

    Well actually, the best pairings are a Manly man seme and a Girly boi uke... right? x3
  6. CerberusWhitefur

    fallout 3 out today yay

    Well, that's not very nice, I like his comic :P And by the way, what he writes here is true, I just can't draft it in english as well as he do =3
  7. CerberusWhitefur

    Aye up...

    Welcome here! Let's drink some ale together sometimes, awright? =3
  8. CerberusWhitefur

    fallout 3 out today yay

    Don't misunderstand me, it's great. But! Let me quote the creator of Ctrl+Alt+Del: "Let me just get this out of the way, it's nearly impossible to not see Oblivion in this game. It's the same engine, and it shows. If there are flaws with Oblivion that bugged you (NPCs acting odd, scripted and...
  9. CerberusWhitefur

    fallout 3 out today yay

    And I heard it's awsome.. It's Oblivion with guns, but still. Pure greatness.
  10. CerberusWhitefur

    Tell a Spooky (true) Story

    Happened to me once as well! I think we are "Dreamed about needing the toilet and then really" brothers then! .... What? x3
  11. CerberusWhitefur

    Cockroaches are STOMPING material

    Now that's jast sad 3: *patpats*
  12. CerberusWhitefur

    Tell a Spooky (true) Story

    That's gonna be me I guess. (sorry for bad english, I'm tired, kinda hard to concentrate) First of all, I'm not beliving in ghosts and shit like that, and to be honest, I wouldn't belive that story what I'll tell you, if it wouldn't happened to me. So here is the story: It was halloween night...
  13. CerberusWhitefur

    Cockroaches are STOMPING material

    What I do with anyone, if I want to torture them to death: Tell them lame jokes!!
  14. CerberusWhitefur

    Finally i joined

    Awww *hugs the wolfy*
  15. CerberusWhitefur

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Re: revenge of the "draw the person above you thread" Umm... The Blue Mamba? I dunno... O.o
  16. CerberusWhitefur

    *Lands* Uh...hi?

    Just don't land on me, my arms aren't strong enough.. I guess x3 Welcome to the forum =3
  17. CerberusWhitefur


    And whaccha wanna do in that car, hmm? x3 By the way, welcome here =3
  18. CerberusWhitefur

    Why was Azure B&?

    I dunno, just a guess... Anyway, I still dunno who is this womanm really O.o