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  1. Hollyphantomshade

    Custom Fursuit Harness!

    Custom Fursuit Harness! (Reopened) Hey Guys! I am currently selling a custom nylon fursuit harness (Made to your desires) for only $70 plus shipping! It will be fully adjustable, with 5 buckles, two D rings for leash attachment, and will come in whatever color you want. Here's the (New)...
  2. Hollyphantomshade

    Significant Others

    Okay, so I've been a part of the fandom for a while, (Couple of years), and I have a question pertaining to this whole concept of "Mates." I've seen a lot of people in the fandom call their sig. others their "Mates." and I was wondering if that term implies a "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" (Or...