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  1. 4sak3nFurry

    Looking for good iPod touch games!

    Hey all. Irecently jailbroke my iPod and I am looking for the best games that I should get. I already have: plants vs zombies ff1 and ff2 rock band run dungeon crawler I dunno the exact name anyway I'm looking for some others and I am turning to you my fellow furs to help me out...
  2. 4sak3nFurry

    In celebration of...!

    Some of you may nit know but last night was the NCAA basketball final. The game was played by Duke and Butler. Duke won by 2! Woohoo. Ok down to business. I am willing to draw 4 fursonas or characters in a picture wearing Duke jerseys. I will also be in the pic in the middle holding the...
  3. 4sak3nFurry

    Not sure if this is the right place for this...

    Hey all. I have a little animation request and im not sur eif i should put it here or not. Anyway... So i have a picture i made in photoshop :D I plan to use it in my machinimas, but i want it animated. So heres what i want... The picture is here So what i want is to have...
  4. 4sak3nFurry

    Open for trades!

    CLOSED!!! I gave up after the first one (well the only one) due to its utter attrociousness!
  5. 4sak3nFurry

    COM surrogate has stopped working?

    Yes that is the error in the title. Every tim o try to gointo my wegame videos folder or view them, I get the come surogate error that is o the title. Any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?
  6. 4sak3nFurry

    In need of a referance sheet

    The name does say it all really ;) umm check my sig and fa page for refs! Ty if you do this I will be greatly appreciative
  7. 4sak3nFurry

    Its me Sigmund!

    hey guys just want to show you all my fursona.... Sigmund! I just discovered this lil place so i might as well share :) dont have much of a backstory yet but i can give pics right? Anyway without further ado.... This first one is drawn by my friend (not on FA) This one is drawn by...
  8. 4sak3nFurry

    Im bored so FREEEEE

    Hey guys I am bored so i am opening some spots for free art. Please leave the following: 1. Name 2. Pose 3. sig or pic 4. background Umm i have no examples since im starting out so ya and im not great but i want to get better. Please no adlut stuff thank you :) List: 1. Catilda Lily --...
  9. 4sak3nFurry

    Actually a few

    Hey guys I have a few requests that i hope will happen :D Anyway I have realized that i lack a significantly awesome pieces of art of my fursona. CAn anybody draw me some cool pics of him? NO adult stuff though. Second I am in need of a refernece sheet of him aswell. I cant draw one myself...
  10. 4sak3nFurry

    need a simple file transformation

    can some1 convert this file into a .vtf for me? my photoshop is screwy right now. Thanks!
  11. 4sak3nFurry

    This request pertains to Garrys mod

    As the title suggests i have alittle request for all you player model / ragdoll makers. Could you make me a player model and a ragdoll of my fursona? heres a pic Thanks and if you just pm me the finished product, instead of posting it to a site ( kinda want this just for me, unless i feel...
  12. 4sak3nFurry

    some freebies?

    So i am new here and cant draw to save my life. Can i get some free drawings colour or not i dont care, just to build my collection of my fursona? ;)
  13. 4sak3nFurry

    Laptop help needed!

    So i am trying to make a machinima in Garrys mod, and while i set up the scene I am at 40+ FPS, but when i got to record, i drop to 5 or less? What do I do?
  14. 4sak3nFurry

    Machinima help

    So im gonna be making a machinima in gmod. I have never done this before and need some tips. I want to make a furry machinima at some point but havent found any skins, and I am not sure how to code the stuff yet. All im asking are for some tips, and maybe some cool skins, furry or not...
  15. 4sak3nFurry

    I am new here!! Hi

    Heyy guys I'm new:) I just got into furries and I like them alot. It's strange story how I got into them:) I was watching some gmod stuff on YouTube and subscribed to a cool guy who drew furries. I decided to check them out and quite liked them and decided to delve deeper into it and was...