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  1. Bacu

    DJ name?

    I hate DJ names. Especially the ones prefixed by DJ.
  2. Bacu

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    I am intensely confused as to the purpose of this thread. Are there not slots to sock your contact info into?
  3. Bacu

    Can furries be Republican?

    I vote republican. though you were asking for furries. ho ho.
  4. Bacu

    Walking Down the Street

    I would do my best to not pay attention to a fursuiter. Fucking attention whores. Street performers on the other hand, are nifty.
  5. Bacu

    How do you refer to your love interest?

    People who only refer to each other as baby piss me off. Though there is a vindictive joy that I get when I realize that their lives will be terrible.
  6. Bacu

    Is Ubuntu better then 7?

  7. Bacu

    How High and Tight do You Wear Your Pants?

    I wear them in an explicitly different way.
  8. Bacu

    If you imagined th grim reaper as a furry what would he look like

    Elephant. Just throwing it out there.
  9. Bacu

    What's WRONG with you?

    I don't believe in mental disorders. Fags.
  10. Bacu

    Tactics: Let's Conquer a Planet

    Punch rocky planet in snout to establish dominance.
  11. Bacu

    How many of you are virgins?

    Not after saying that here, you won't be.
  12. Bacu

    Furfags By Age: A Closer Look

    I am 12 and what is this
  13. Bacu

    How many of you are virgins?

    No way am I ever sticking anything of mine inside of anyone else; it's disgusting. Also women are a pain and men are repulsive.
  14. Bacu


    I am amused.
  15. Bacu

    When people say Happy birthday...

    You tell them to piss off.
  16. Bacu

    Busted LCD screen

    Open laptop screen bezel. Check screen model number. Order off of nets. Fixed in 3 days.
  17. Bacu

    Firefox becomes unstable when I use multiple tabs

    This is actually a perceivedly legitimate reason to use FF. I actually use FF anyway, I don't like chrome all that much.
  18. Bacu

    Firefox becomes unstable when I use multiple tabs

    Firefox? Unstable? UNHEARD OF.
  19. Bacu

    A question

    Hahaha. That's awesome. I shall now become incredibly prejudiced. Also, I for one was not.
  20. Bacu

    Animals... Being attracted?

    I don't get along well with those fleshy two-legged things. Forgot what they're called.