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  1. KaePotassium

    Chibi commissions open + adoptables for sale

    Chibis are 8 USD only Add 5 USD per extra character Here are samples~ ----- ADOPTABLES FOR SALE ONLY CHARACTER # 2 LEFT SB: 5 USD MI: 1 USD AB: 25 USD link to auction (original image contains nudity): www.furaffinity.net: Mixed adoptables AUCTION (3/3 OPEN) by KaePotassium I'm also...
  2. KaePotassium

    (AUCTION) Demon Adoptable

    Trying out opening this adoptable auction and see if it goes well so I can make more of them. - You can do whatever you want with the adoptable once it's yours. - I will note you a copy of the image without the watermark once you have paid for the adoptable. - Auction ends 48 hours after last...
  3. KaePotassium

    Open Adoptable (Original species)

    Hi! Caprelines are close species of mine and I've made one up for sale :D www.furaffinity.net: Underworld Capreline Adoptable: OPEN by KaePotassium ADOPTABLE IS ONLY $5 Species info can be found in the description box. Once purchased, I can draw you a FREE character sheet for the character.