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  1. Finn ^w^

    Request: Anyone wanna draw my new fursona? I got no icon or art.

    Im not very good at art, but wanted to finally make me a fursona Here is my Lanternshark sona, Colby. -The dark parts on his body are navy blue. -I prefer if the stripes on his socks were purple, but do whatever color looks best. His sleeves aren't meant to be that long but I can't draw hands...
  2. Finn ^w^

    Meme thread - Let's make memes!

    alright, i made up this game just now and wanted to see how it goes. so, you will give a title for a meme, and the user below responds with a picture that fits the description/title. make it as comedic as you can!(probably wont gain traction, and i might end up taking it down, but hey it's worth...
  3. Finn ^w^

    Request: Can an artist please help me with part of my sketch?

    so i sketched up a body but just cant seem to get the right size head, i am having a bit of trouble. anyways, anyone mind helping me get a head drawn? i have some refs for him if you need them.