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  1. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    Here's another Art Fight I forgot from a little while ago. Haven't done much recently since I'm finishing up a cosplay, a short comic, and my classes have a bigger homework load than last term.
  2. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    And some more from the AF discord!
  3. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    Oop, things got a little busy. Last couple from that old request thread, a couple $3-6 YCH from Flight Rising, some monster girls, and a featured character from the Art Fight discord minigames!
  4. Anjeka

    Eli's Art Shop

    Ok time for a real bump this time
  5. Anjeka

    Furry artists that take more work that they can handle.

    Yeah, any time I've seen that happen, it's been because the artist was in a desperate state. (And from what I've seen it can go hand in hand with someone severely underpricing their work, but thats a whole other issue) They take on as many pre-paid comms as they think they can handle, but due to...
  6. Anjeka

    Discussion/Poll - What's Your Favorite Story-Telling Medium?

    I really like comic books/graphic novels the best - I get to be immersed in a story AND enjoy art. It overlaps with video games a little bit, but video games usually rely on the input from the player/player character, which alters the required way of telling the story.
  7. Anjeka

    Eli's Art Shop

    Sort of a bump and also sort of a grab for a space to sell adopts as well! The current batch I've got going is breakfast cats. See the FA post here
  8. Anjeka

    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    Gettin ready to finish inking a comic I'm working on
  9. Anjeka

    What do you do to help curb depression and anxiety? And other thoughts I have.

    I don't know how much this might help since different people respond to different things, but (with the recommendation from my first-ever therapist) I've recently gotten started on a class for something called dialectical behavioral therapy. It sounds super complex to start with but it seems to...
  10. Anjeka

    What was the last thing you ate?

    Some mashed potatoes with feta cheese
  11. Anjeka

    Eli's Art Shop

    I'm opening up some tentative commissions to hopefully help me get my bills under control while I'm still working and studying part time. Below is a couple links where you can view more of my work to see if it's in a style you would like, plus a basic price list. Prices may be slightly flexible...
  12. Anjeka

    Need Practice - (Currently Full)

    Oh, totally, go for it! I'm glad you're happy with it
  13. Anjeka

    Need Practice - (Currently Full)

    Whew ok, got through the last batch! Sorry they're smaller and slightly sketchier than the others - I've been running on fumes the last couple weeks. I hope you all still like them! Thanks for being patient with me, yall @. Mate397 (Bigger version here) @Lithooves @Infrarednexus
  14. Anjeka

    Chickens of the Sky

    Your shading and lineart styles are so cute!
  15. Anjeka

    Octopus drawing

    Your detail work and eye for pattern matching is amazing!
  16. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    Some more from the request thread (now that I've figured out how to properly resize images for forums)! One from a reference, one from a description, and a couple YCH's from Flight Rising
  17. Anjeka

    Need Practice - (Currently Full)

    @Belatucadros This one was super fun! Thanks for letting me draw him. Also here is a bigger image - didn't want to post the full one to the forums since it's a little long.
  18. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    I've got a request thread going to help me practice! Here's the first three I've finished in the last week
  19. Anjeka

    Need Practice - (Currently Full)

    @Scales42 oh my friend.... I am always up for some chill-ass snake vibes
  20. Anjeka

    Predators and Prey

    Sheep for a +1 We're at 1 now, folks