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  1. WolfoxOkamichan

    GIF editing

    ImageReady is a pain sometimes. So I want to resize this GIF for use in FA: but ImageReady apparently does some rendering stuff, causing it to have white color around the area: Any help? I want to shrink it without losing its transparency.
  2. WolfoxOkamichan

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Is it possible to have transparencies in thumbnails?

    Kinda annoyed that a pic with transparency gets overwhelmed with black in the thumbnail. It doesn't work even when I resized the transparent pic to 300x300 for thumbnail submission.
  3. WolfoxOkamichan

    Man, clueless Sonic fanboys assume TMNT is underage? :P

    Not only are they not blood-related, the "teenage" is a misnomer. They're actually young adults. Also, insert arbitrary LeoxRaph .gif kissing here
  4. WolfoxOkamichan

    I wonder how Power Rangers will adapt this - Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger

    http://tokuinsider.blogspot.com/2010/12/go-kaiger-pics.html Now Power Rangers Samurai got called (and why shouldn't it? Just because it looks Japanese doesn't mean it can't be brought over, we had like, 2 seasons based from ninjas), I assume they'll be able to bring over Tensou Sentai...
  5. WolfoxOkamichan

    is the preview for stories... suddenly stretched?

    We all know the site uses thumnails for previews, but for some odd reason the thumbnails for story submissions are stretched when viewed as preview. Even the generic "Story" thumbnail (the one that appears if you have no thumbnail added for story) is stretched to be like an image submission...
  6. WolfoxOkamichan

    Weird. Are the images loading slowly for you?

    The images seem to load slow for me. Maybe the server handling the files is having issues?
  7. WolfoxOkamichan

    Someone enlighten me on the sudden "threats of Allen against FA"?

    I just got a note telling me that the staff removed the two gifts I drew for Allen (back when he wasn't notorious :P). Now I have no problems with that, but they said it was due to Allen's threat. What is it?
  8. WolfoxOkamichan

    So... why do furries like the "slice of life" genre/theme?

    I've seen it in comics, stories, and occasionally drawn art. Coincidentally (or is it?), they may involve homosexual characters with the occasional straight/bi one. I wonder why though? What's with the genre having an appeal to the fandom? Most of the stories about them didn't try to be...
  9. WolfoxOkamichan

    Digimon Xros Wars

    TPPhBsqBS-A Featuring the sixth entry of Digimon animation, Digimon Xros Wars (pronounced as "cross wars") features the story of Taiki Kudo and his partner Shoutmon, leading an army of Digimon to face evil and become the king of Digimon World. Premiering in July 6th, 7:27pm, march against the...
  10. WolfoxOkamichan

    What... the hell?

    Silly Orangina. (and it's not the "furry orgy" too) Though the older cougar is "better".
  11. WolfoxOkamichan

    PDF converters?

    I can't submit my thesis without having to convert it to PDF! D: I would have used OpenOffice, but it doesn't like pictures so it's a no go.
  12. WolfoxOkamichan

    OUTRAGEOUS! Batman The Brave and the Bold The Videogame

    Damn it, where's Aquaman!
  13. WolfoxOkamichan

    Hey gais let's figure out secrets from the TF2's Engineer Update trailer!

    Old but so are the rest of the topics. VIDYA I am thinking either a blowtorch/weld or a hammer for a new melee!
  14. WolfoxOkamichan

    Notes Problem: Database Error?

    I keep getting it when I am deleting the last batch of old notes.
  15. WolfoxOkamichan

    Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star

    Best anime ever. Now with gourmet!
  16. WolfoxOkamichan

    Error 502's anyone?

    I wonder why.
  17. WolfoxOkamichan

    Moar Digimon 6 news!

    http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-04-02/new-digital-monsters/digimon-tv-anime-listed Ta-da! With that said... Greymon = Agumon confirmed Ballistamon... a cannon Digimon? Monitormon... a TV Digimon? Shoutmon... or is it Shotamon LOL Dorurumon = doruru = ninja vanish So the...
  18. WolfoxOkamichan

    So now that How To Train Your Dragon has been out for 2 days or so...

    What's your verdict? 4/5 for me. Really good, well done story, breaks a lot of molds and even subverts them, character development is present and conflict was great.