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  1. scuzball

    Hiring: [CLOSED] I need artist to make a ref sheet for my first fursona! ($40-$75)

    Hello! I'm looking for a full-body image (or two) of my first fursona, hopefully with some faces, too. A lot depends on what I can afford from the artist! My budget is somewhat flexible, but ideally the cost wouldn't be more than $75 or so. I basically need a solid basic ref sheet so I can...
  2. scuzball

    Too old to enter the fandom?

    Dear Y'all, I'm sure this topic exists somewhere deep in this forum, but I couldn't find it so here we are: How old does someone need to be before they are too old to join the fandom? I know there are people of all ages here, but we all know that the average furry is in their early twenties...
  3. scuzball

    Hiring: First drawing of my first Fursona! ($15-$40)

    Hi! I've been lurking around the outskirts of this fandom for several years now, and I've reached the point that I feel it's alright to join in on the fun! I have no idea how this process works, but I downloaded a free ref sheet and filled it in. I'm looking for someone who can take my very...
  4. scuzball

    Use photos of me to create my fursona

    Hi friends! I'm not skilled in drawing characters, but I want to develop a fursona that looks a little like me in certain aspects. Is anyone interested in using some pictures of me to sketch or draw a deer? I can give you more details when the time comes. I have a $25 budget, and would love...