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  1. Anjeka

    Eli's Art Shop

    I'm opening up some tentative commissions to hopefully help me get my bills under control while I'm still working and studying part time. Below is a couple links where you can view more of my work to see if it's in a style you would like, plus a basic price list. Prices may be slightly flexible...
  2. Anjeka

    Need Practice - (Currently Full)

    EDIT 2: I'm not taking any more of these for a while! Please don't give me any more references since I won't be able to work on them. I'm having some minor financial trouble and will be opening up paid commissions pretty soon, but unfortunately don't have time to work on much if it's not going...
  3. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    It's been a million years since I've done any sort of furry art proper so I figured posting stuff here would encourage me to keep at it. I'll start with the icon I doodled up for myself this morning EDIT: Hmmm well its good to know what attaching a file vs copying a url does. Duly noted
  4. Anjeka

    Hello All

    Hi there! I'm Eli. I'm a 24 year old bi and enby artist. I'm fairly new to the furry scene, but yall have one of the most welcoming and friendly art communities I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and finding some new artists to follow