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  1. killjoyrule

    (Nsfw) Dragon looking for a bit deeper story then just a erotic rp.

    Honestly ive been out of the scene on the rp front for awhile and am trying to poke my head back in. Im looking for a long term deeper story rp involving the love between two dragons. Im not looking for a skin deep affection im looking to roleplay something more substancial. Im very partial to...
  2. killjoyrule

    very very cute draggy hatchling looking for kindhearted caretakers. (Sfw only please.)

    (Aperantly i need to clarify this for some reason. This is strictly a sfw rp with no sexual themes. Im exasperated that people still assume stuff after i use words specifically in a way to suggest otherwise.) Anyone want to play with a cute feral draggy hatchling who just wants a fun...
  3. killjoyrule

    Looking for a serious and dedicated to create a serious and moveing story with me.

    Ive had for a long while bouncing around in my head to idea of doing a story based around the idea of a dragon and a simple human. It starts with the dragon (me) haveing been long ago imprisoned by the local people out of greed and other sick reasons. Your character would be one who grows...
  4. killjoyrule

    Looking for a serious strongly story based rp that involves dragons and transformation. (sfw or nsfw

    I want to find an rp partner who wants to create a story with me involveing alot of the issues a transformation into a seperate species would realistically cause. Stuff like instincts going awry and old beliefs that make being said creature an moral issue. In this rp my character would get...
  5. killjoyrule

    Looking for some strongly story motivated dragon transformation fiction.

    I have a love for dragon transformation fiction haveing went thru so much digging in the internet to find ones that a real story to tell and leave me moved and satisfied with their character progresion as the one transformed gets used to it and such. Maybe has some moral dilemas or fight to...
  6. killjoyrule

    Looking for divinity origional sin 2 players.

    Does anyone else here play divinity origional sin 2? im looking for a group of players to do a playthrue with me and have some mods on it to add a few classes etc.