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  1. TowerHaunt

    Critique: Not good with fighting scenes but I did my best

    Ebbing Tides Feel free to give suggestions about how to make it better in future installments.
  2. TowerHaunt

    Suggestions for Feraligatr Fursona

    I have a feraligatr fursona, but I'm starting to feel like keeping it default might be bad somehow. I liked keeping the default look because it lets me use the legion of merch and items as a part of my fursona. But I'm starting to consider customizing it a bit. I'm looking for some suggestions...
  3. TowerHaunt

    Anyone else using a dino mask?

    I wanted a fursuit but I really didn't want to make another foam mess that takes weeks to clean up and clogs the vaccume so I got a dino mask as a base for my Feraligatr- It won't be game accurate but I don't mind for a beginner fursuit until I really get a better job that lets me afford a...