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  1. The Shiny Espeon

    The Young Fur Thread

    Any other cubs ( or fawns in my case, my fursonas a deer) here? I myself am only 20, this thread is meant mostly for those of us aged 16-20 though anyone younger or older is certainly welcome to reply as long as the rules arent broken. I was gonna say 13+ but that is a little young and I dont...
  2. The Shiny Espeon

    Modifying Cheap-*** Mascot I Got On Amazon

    Ok guys, Halloween is coming soon and and I dont make a lot of money being a college student and only working part time, so I didnt have enough money for a fursuit, I was going to make one but Halloween is in less than a month so I ordered this: Close enough right? Is there anything I could do...
  3. The Shiny Espeon

    Possible Existence Of Unexplained Creatures

    Ok, now I know this is gonna sound satirical or whatnot but hear me out first. Am I the only one who thinks that pasta creatures could exist? Yes Slender man, Jeff and the like are all fake, but how do we know the lesser known stories aren't entirely fictional? Like take the one about Shaun...
  4. The Shiny Espeon

    Tumblr And "Kin"

    I'm gonna start off by saying this is NOT targeted at a single individual, it is about Tumblr kids in general. Specifically "fiction kin" and "doubles". It really reaaaaallllllyyyy annoys me when people be like " Don't follow if you are a double!" Excuse me? Now, I dont really understand...
  5. The Shiny Espeon

    A New Kind of Run and Gun Game

    Hello. I'm here to pitch an idea for a cartoon run n gun style video game. The game follows the story of two magical girl foxes who are exploring the forest and find a weird looking egg and take it home to hatch it. To their dismay, an angry black and red three horned dragon is at their door and...
  6. The Shiny Espeon

    Fur Con Stereotypes vs Reality

    Ok so I really wanted to go to a con sometime in the future when I can afford to but I had all kinds of stereotypical things about fur cons. I read an article on The Vanity that interviewed older men in the fandom and mentioned the sexual side quite a bit. That put me off because I'm only 19 and...
  7. The Shiny Espeon

    You Views On "Off brands" And The Species Revolt

    So most artists who frequently use the most popular art sites ( DA, FA, etc) know what an original species is. Original species can be what's considered "open" or "closed". Open species allow you to create a character of that species and draw/roleplay with it. Closed species on the other hand...