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  1. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Some cute shark fellows for a cute and deadly prompt! I like the stripey one, is there one that you prefer? :) FA
  2. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Thank you! That makes me so happy to hear ^^
  3. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Dog portrait for a friend! This was my first pet portrait :D I suppose I'm doing something right as surprisingly several people this year have asked me if I do commissions and that makes me so happy FA
  4. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    This was a creature design for a prompt at Lightbox Expo back in September. I'm so happy how this turned out as I did it in a terrible rush ^^' FA
  5. viivihal

    Critique: What's wrong with this figure?

    What jumped to my eye is that the arms don’t really look like there is weight on them. Also there might be some perspective issues with the body. Did you use reference for the pose? They always help ^^ I did a quick drawover of what I think could help, feel free to ignore it if it isn’t what...
  6. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Final story illustration for a mentorship I did in March! Gordons celebrating a successful winter hunt back at their hut. FA
  7. viivihal

    Stuck, don't know what I need to improve

    Do you use references when painting? They are a lifesaver! And as a tip for a longer time period, I would suggest studying art fundamentals. You have a lot of good stuff going on already, and knowledge would benefit you (or anyone else for that matter) even more! Sycra has made a great video...
  8. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Thank you, I'm so happy that the design works! I'm working on a worldbuilding project with them, though it's a really slow process as I tend to overthink just about everything ^^' the basic plan is to create a believable-ish culture and environment where they live.
  9. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    A little worldbuilding around Gordons and a colour palette study. Potential tool/weapon FA Environment concept of a winter hut FA Found some cool animal portraits with great colour palettes and wanted to try it :D FA
  10. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad you think that way, the designs having a sense of believability is what I'm going for! Haha that altaria icon almost happened by itself, I supposed that's what happens when you try to do anything in the monster hunter way :D
  11. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Thank you so much, that is so kind to say <3
  12. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Continuing with some creature design! Anatomy reference FA Color exploration FA Horn styles FA
  13. viivihal

    Practicing some Art, need advise

    Great job on improving, there is already a clear difference between the start of the thread and now! If you want my two cents, I would start by deciding what your end goal is with art. Do you want to enjoy yourself take it seriously basically :P If you want to be serious, I would suggest at...
  14. viivihal

    I finally drew Nora myself

    Amazing! Lovely work, I like how the shading subtly brings out the anatomy :D
  15. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Thank you! Crows are amazing creatures, I always mentally salute them if I see one :D I'd never thought about my process before so it took some thinking, but it usually is more or less in this order: flat colors -> shadows -> highlights -> details. There is a lot of tutorials going around the...
  16. viivihal

    City in a cavern

    That's some moody and dramatic work! Looks amazing wow *o*
  17. viivihal

    myy handmade needle felt dolls

    Oh my goodness that character is looking so soft and kind! <3 absolutely beautiful job!
  18. viivihal

    I haven't drawn anything in 8 years, how's this?

    The latest picture already has a lot better contrast! The drawing is much easier to see now ^^
  19. viivihal

    Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

    Our music teacher in middle school (over 10 years ago) was irresponsible and made us watch a bunch of movies that were rated R16. I was a diligent student and didn't realize that I did not need to watch them (even the teacher was sleeping during those lessons). Those movies, especially one about...
  20. viivihal

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Heyo! Thought I'd share some of my art here ^^ FA FA ---------- FA FA