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  1. Robin-Residue

    Moving Commissions Sale (20% OFF)

    I'm really trying hard to get out of Dodge right now for a variety of reasons. Mostly for the sake of opportunities, starting my career after school, and trying to reunite with my partner of three years. I need some dough to break my current lease and pay for a rental car though, so I'm opening...
  2. Robin-Residue

    Animated GIFs Commission SALE

    TAKING FULLY-SHADED, TRANSPARENT, ANIMATED COMMISSIONS!!! One for ~$20 Two for ~$30 (Prices may vary and are negotiable!) Only minor details to be animated (Glowing effects, blinking, ear twitching, winking etc. Message me if you have questions) Icons available! Pixel art available! See my...
  3. Robin-Residue

    Robin's Commissions are OPEN!!

    Hey, everyone! I'm kickstarting commissions, and I'd love to work very closely with clients and create something we'll both love. Don't worry if you're looking for something that I don't have listed in my commissions. I'm very versatile, and we can work out a fair price for whatever it is you're...
  4. Robin-Residue


    I'm looking for a way to get more involved in the FA community/make some art friends. I'm a fairly busy person, so I can only accept a few requests at a time (check the thread for updates on my progress and whether or not I'm still accepting requests). Nothing too fancy, kids. No backgrounds...