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  1. psychonautic

    Anyone with exp in shipping packages?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I figured it's a general question rather than art related :< This year I'm planning to start selling physical goods, mainly dolls, but I'm mostly clueless about shipping. I want to be sure I use the right packaging and shipping method to ensure the cheapest...
  2. psychonautic

    Questions about silicone

    I plan on sculpting some figures with the intent on making casts to paint and sell. I've done a lot of research on silicone and resin, but one thing I couldn't find info on was the effects of humidity on silicone. I live in florida so as you can imagine it's quite humid. I do plan on getting a...
  3. psychonautic

    Digital/art doll commissions

    You can contact me here or on FA if interested! DIGITAL: Let me know as much as you can about your character so I can try my best to bring out their personality! Commissions are finished within 3-4 days or a week or two for character sheets(I always give a estimate). I am willing to draw...