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  1. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    Need a reference sheet

    well here is a long story short. in this MMO I have a friend who is also a furry, I asked him if he could do a reference sheet for me but he ended up cracking his tablet screen. we agreed that he would draw it for me in an exchange for a starter pack on Amazon for this game. I have issues with...
  2. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    Motorstorm Apocalypse 2 Sides

    Due to the Japanese Earthquakes the game has been delayed in NA out of respect. The thing is that the game is finished (already released in some areas) and Motorstorm states that because of the Earthquake they had stopped distribution and advertisement of the game. I was looking to see if...
  3. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    3D Gaming, Anyone Else?

    Okay, we got an 82inch 3Dready TV last week, and today we got a 3D Starter kit. I watched the Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D trailer and played Gran Turismo 5. 3D gaming is soo awesome, so I have a question, or 2 rather. 1) do you play in 3D? 2) What are good 3D game coming out?
  4. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    Gran Turismo 5 Lamborghini Drift Video

    Here you go FAF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WuydpzSsJM MY DRIFTING
  5. SubiDooTheBlueHusky


    This is a thread about the amazing anime Gungrave the series follows 2 characters Harry McDowell and Brandon Heat. The show is amazing for its intense use of character development and changes time, the series timeline stretches 17 years (I think) and ran form 2003-2004. 26 amazing episodes...
  6. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    Login/Password Problems: Mobile Sign In Problems

    Whenever I am going on about my day, I have my phone to view the Fur Affinity Forums, But today when I was using my phone to login, it didn't reconize the Password box, as an actual Password. I.e. should be User name: name Password ********** but on mobile it does...
  7. SubiDooTheBlueHusky

    Explain to people what being a Furry is About

    I've just about had enough with fur-bashing, so I want to say that no-one should be ashamed of being a furry, if you are then you're not one It's about sticking your muzzle in the air and howl "Im a furry, and I'm proud of it to all those haters" we shouldnt fall to stereotypes. It about being...