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  1. ghostkyu

    (Commission) Selling: Pride month commissions (OPEN) (from £12)

    Any species, any flag!!! Fast turn around, can be done within a day or so depending on my queue. I will make them as gifts as long as you have permission for the character to be used!
  2. ghostkyu

    Pokemon Fanart

    I've been doing a lot of Poke fanart recently and would like to share a few and see other's too! Post your recent/favorite Pokemon fanarts here!!
  3. ghostkyu

    Headshot / avatar / badge/ sticker comms open (from £12)

    £12 (GBP) each or 2 for £20 (PAYPAL) Piece includes: Flat colors and minimal cell shading Transparent or minimal background (you can have both it's no extra cost) Can also draw neck and shoulders or something if you don't want just a floating head (That was just my preference) Specify things...
  4. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Hey I'm from 22 from the UK (am I too old to only just join the fandom hehhe? ) I have been attracted to the furry fandom from afar for some years now but only just started actively participating recently! I don't really have many friends with similar interests so it would be awesome to make...