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  1. Trisuniel

    Want to Start Drawing but Have Zero Experience

    So I've always wanted to learn to draw but the problem is I've never actually drawn anything beside stick man and all the tutorials I've found expect you to have a least some knowledge which I have none of. And I'm also horrible at selecting colours. Any good place to start for someone with no...
  2. Trisuniel

    I Have Extra Steam Game Keys To Whoever Wants Them

    I use to get a lot of bundles so now I have a bunch of extra Steam keys for games I already own. I'm giving these keys away to whoever wants them. For now I'm limiting it to 1 game per person. Any game with a "!" before the name means that I'm not sure if the key still works. Any games already...
  3. Trisuniel

    First Fursona. Colors and Patterns Look Quite Off and Don't Know Why

    Hello, so I'm fairly new to the fandom. I wanted to make my first fursona but I'm having trouble regarding patterns and colors. I have no drawing skills at all so I got a reference sheet, started choosing colors using the "Coolors" site, started placing colors down without really any thought of...